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Conditions for a sustainable election in Zimbabwe (CoSEZ)
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
March 13, 2012

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Zimbabwe has been in a permanent state of crisis for many decades. This crisis reached its crescendo in the last two decades where we saw our economy collapse in absolute terms and our Human Development Index (HDI) retrogress. At the epicentre of the crisis is Zimbabwe's unstable political environment characterised by violence, coercion, intolerance, slander and malice.

Unstable political environments are often-times products of unsustainable democratic delivery and unsustainable electoral systems.

In that regard, the MDC reiterates that before elections are conducted in Zimbabwe, certain minimum conditions must be met to ensure that the outcome of that election is not a contested one. Let me say that our region has seen various electoral processes being undertaken in countries such as Zambia, Botswana and South Africa, and that these elections have been held under conditions of relative peace and tranquillity, resulting in peaceful and democratic change of power. Zimbabwe has no reason to defy regional trends and it is important that the next election does not result in any loss of life or limb.

As we launch the MDC's Conditions for a Sustainable Election in Zimbabwe (CoSEZ), I want to say that all of the conditions that are highlighted in this document are not a creation of the MDC. They are derived from internationally agreed principles of the conduct of democratic elections. They reflect SADC's commitment to legitimate electoral processes. They are enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe. Political parties signed up to them in the GPA. They are products of regional engagement. More importantly, they are legitimate demands by the people of Zimbabwe.

I urge all Zimbabweans, including political parties, to critically reflect on these conditions and make a pledge that the next election in Zimbabwe should usher in a legitimate government that can get on with the job of building this beautiful country.

God Bless you. God Bless Zimbabwe.

Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC President

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