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Kasukuwere unqualified to attack the premier
MDC Youth Assembly
March 07, 2012

MDC Youth Assembly is greatly shocked by the recent attack on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai by Youth Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere describing the Premier as a "loose cannon" protecting "imperial interests". This was after the Prime Minister charged last week that the country's indigenization policy is driven by a "cowboy mentality". This has proved beyond reasonable doubt that Kasukuwere and Zanu PF are determined to use asset stripping and plunder policy disguised as "indigenization" as a tool to enrich themselves as was with the land invasions.

Kasukuwere is a beneficiary of Zanu PF's "gravy train" determined to do whatever it takes to make money for himself and keep the former ruling party in government despite the economic ramifications. It has been learnt that Kasukuwere occupied various farms which include part of Pimento farm in Mashonaland central; South Bamboo Creek in Shamva; Cornucopia farm Orchard in Mazowe (500 ha). This was named in the addendum to the land reform and resettlement program national audit report just to mention but a few.

The attack on the Premier will continue to scare away potential foreign investors, investors whose investment will kick start the economy ruined by over a decade of misrule and corruption. The deadly so called indigenous policy encourages company grabbing at the expense of foreign direct investment much needed for job creation and genuine economic growth stimulation.

Of concern to most Zimbabweans is that Kasukuwere who enforces the policy as the minister is a businessman on his own right, with vast interest in many sectors of the economy hence his indigenization policy is rhetoric rather than reality.

Already he is being accused of planning to acquire a substantial shareholding in foreign owned companies in the country to boost his existing enterprise. Born on the 23rd of October 1970, Kasukuwere owns ComOil (Pvt) Ltd an oil procurement company, Migdale Holdings ltd, Allen Wack and Shepherd. He is reportedly a shareholder of Interfresh.

Starting as a low-ranking member of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) in the late 1980's; very little is known about how Kasukuwere built his vast business empire.

Attacking President Tsvangirai is a clear show of high levels of disrespect, disobedience desperation and confusion. Kasukuwere, who has explicitly exposed his lack of wisdom as far as distinguishing between under-the-tree politicking and serious policy protocol doubled that with the exposure of his gross incompetence and ignorance of governance procedure. Section 20.1.4(a), (b) and (e) of the GPA clearly and categorically compels Kasukuwere to report and hence be obedient to the Premier as the chair of the council of ministers and as the second in command in the cabinet presidium.

It is an open secret to all Zimbabweans that this misguided ZANU PF Indigenous drive is a looting strategy. People know that ZANU PF is living its last days as Zimbabweans are ready to vote them out come next elections. They want to loot and destroy for the last time. Kasukuwere and others must be reminded that President Tsvangirai was democratically elected by the people of Zimbabwe on the 29th of March 2008. He won the election, he carries people's mandate and Mugabe knows that, and should frequently and constantly remind the likes of Kasukuwere and others. Attacking the Premier is tantamount to attacking the people of Zimbabwe.

MDC Youth Assembly would like to urge Kasukuwere that as a minister responsible for Youth Empowerment should focus much on facilitating the creation of the much needed jobs to the youths considering that Zimbabwe has over 90% of unemployed youth rather than personal looting. As a people's party we believe in a genuine empowerment drive that socially and economically uplift young people's lives.

The MDC Youth Assembly will continue to be a robust, honest and leading youth movement in Zimbabwe and is now more determined to fight all battles in the war towards attainment of total social, economic and political justice and freedom.

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