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MDC condemns Zanu PF's disruption of Electoral Amendment Bill
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
October 19, 2011

The MDC condemns in the strongest terms the continuing barbaric and wanton disruption of the Electoral Amendment Bill joint public hearings of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs by Zanu PF thugs.

These violent and unruly disruptions are now an unacceptable trend that began at the hearings of the Human Rights Commission Bill where even honourable members of Parliament including Hon. Brian Tshuma were attacked within the very precincts of the August House of Parliament itself.

These brazen and crude attacks on a pillar of parliamentary democracy bear the clear fingerprints of ZANU PF, which needs to learn the simple lesson, that brute force and bullying will not and can never be incorporated into draft legislation.

Such backward and ill thought-out tactics inevitably backfire as they eventually blow over, and only well reasoned and rational contributions prevail, in keeping with the modern tenets of democracy.

The organisers of this primitive political strategy of disrupting such solemn and critical national processes should be ashamed of themselves and be made to pay for the heavy losses they cause to the fiscus in terms of the wasted costs of the aborted meetings.

This is the usual barbarism that has been associated with Zanu PF. It is clear these hooligans were acting on the instructions of their leaders.

These misguided elements miss the irony that in disrupting the democratic process of citizen participation in legislation, they actually make the case for even more robust elections and human rights legislation, so that their deplorable behaviour is eliminated from our society.

The MDC expects the Zimbabwe Republic Police to justify its existence by immediately apprehending the suspects of these heinous acts. The police must protect Zimbabweans so that they exercise their right to contribute to these Bills which are critical for free, fair, and effective elections, and the peaceful enjoyment of the human rights of Zimbabweans.

The continued failure by the police to safeguard the integrity of Parliament renders them partisan accomplices in undermining Parliament for which Zimbabwe will judge them harshly.

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