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National Hero Tonderai Serge Ndira remembered
Movement for Democratic Change
May 14, 2011

Three years after the death of an unsung national hero of the struggle of people's freedoms, Tonderai Ndira's friends, neighbours, family, human rights and political activists, leadership and the general membership of the MDC Youth Assembly gathered at his house in Mabvuku to commemorate his life. Ndira's life was synonymous with the fight for human rights and democracy. Those who knew his trade called him ''serge''. He worked with many civil society organizations, among them the NCA, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, CHRA, MISA and ROHR Zimbabwe.

At the time of his death, Ndira held the position of the secretary for Security in MDC Youth Assembly. Ndira's death epitomizes the magnitude of the evil driven by power greed as ZANU PF was confronted with the people's verdict to surrender power to a new dispensation of an MDC government of the people by the people during the elections of March 2008. Tonderai was murdered in cold blood after being abducted at his home in Chizhanje, Mabvuku around six in the morning and his body was discovered after seven days in Goromonzi as a testimony of a shocking indescribable gruesome murder. Tonderai is among other heroes of our time, Learnmore Jongwe, Mabika, Better Chokururama, Chiminya, Mtetwa, Godfrey Kauzani, Jani to mention but a few who were murdered by Zanu PF.

Hundreds of youths from Harare and surrounding places gathered at Ndira's house in the morning (14 May 2011) to celebrate the third anniversary after his untimely death in the hands of Zanu PF militia. Speaker after speaker praised Ndira's bravery and selflessness which unfortunately led to his untimely death. Clifford Hlatywayo the MDC Youth Assembly Secretary for Information and Publicity encouraged the youth of MDC to show the world that they are the youth with a difference. He buttress that as the 2011 theme of the Youth Assembly states, "Together to the end, Building a Youth with a Difference" the MDC family must walk the talk. Secretary General Promise Mkwananzi said that Ndira was loyal to the party and democratic agenda while challenging the youths of Zimbabwe to emulate and follow in his footsteps. Mkwananzi further reiterated that the blood of Ndira shall not flow for nothing as the youth of Zimbabwe are geared to fight to the end and make sure that Ndira's dreams are fulfilled.

"Prepare yourself to defend our parents, party and election victory" charged Mkwananzi. He further told the gathering that their problem was not how to win but how to defend the party victory as it was very clear that Morgan Tsvangirai would win any election called in Zimbabwe. Solomon Madzore the MDC Youth Assembly Chairman addressing the same gathering said that there was a need to seed the culture and spirit that Tonderai was living in. Madzore further challenged all the youths to have a cause as Ndira had a cause for joining the MDC. "The Youth Assembly, as the vanguard of the party, we are not only prepared to die for MDC but also to defend our parents by any means necessary" said Madzore. He also took that opportunity to advise Zanu PF that they must treat MDC the way they also want MDC to treat them, as the MDC is also equally capable to do what they do.

Tonderai Ndira died on the 14th of May 2008 after being abducted by 12 plain clothes men believed to be CIO functionaries at his home number 23 Muroti road in Chizhanje Mabvuku. Ndira was later found dead on the 21st of May 2008 in Goromonzi at Quincy farm. His decomposing body was brought to Parirenyatwa hospital where family members and friends identified him by an armband on his left hand.

Born in Makonde on the 16th of July 1977, Tonderai joined the MDC in its formation stages in 1999 in ward 21 Mabvuku/Tafara. In 2001, he was elected Mabvuku Youth Organising secretary, 2005 chairperson and in 2006 National Secretary for Security in the Youth Assembly until his death. He survived by his wife Plaxedes and two children, Raphael 12 and Linnet 7. May his revolutionary spirit live forever and may God make his murders suffer for the whole of their lives.

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