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Jonathan Moyo tries to bribe MDC MPs to vote for Zanu PF Speaker
Innocent Gonese, Movement for Democratic Change
March 29, 2011

The MDC has unearthed a scandal and bribery scam hatched and executed by a criminal syndicate representing a Zanu PF faction to coerce MDC MPs to cast their ballots in the election of the Speaker of the House of Assembly in favour of Simon Khaya Moyo this afternoon.

Five of our MPs received $5 000 from a coordinator of the syndicate, a Senator Gaule, which they quickly handed over to Hon Innocent Gonese and Hon Dorcas Sibanda, the MDC chief whips, as the evidence of the scam. We are in possession of $25 000 which our MPs have surrendered this morning.

From the evidence provided by our MPs, the people coordinating are Jonathan Moyo, Senator Believe Gaule and Kudakwashe Bhasikiti.

It is shameful and regrettable that Jonathan Moyo together with his colleagues were in the cockpit of these bribery and desperate efforts to corrupt our people.

It is important to note that Jonathan Moyo and Believe Gaule were the chief architects of the so-called Tsholotsho Declaration.

The MDC is investigating 10 other cases of MPs who we understand have been approached to be part of the bribery scam. We are aware of who they are and are waiting to the money and other evidence as soon as possible.

Investigations are continuing, and if it is firmly established that money indeed changed hands, stern measures will be instituted against the culprits.

The entire nation shall descend on such a wayward behaviour.

In addition, five other MPs notified the Chief Whip that they have been promised prime farms, choice agricultural plots and cars as a reward for betraying the wishes and aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe by voting for a Zanu PF candidate.

We have sent a word out that we will not tolerate such behaviour. Representation in the MDC abhors the deliberate sabotage of the people's destiny and real change for pieces of silver and mercenary behaviour.

We are a party of the people; a party that mirrors the legitimate wishes, concerns and dreams of all Zimbabweans; and a party of excellence.

We wish to thank our colleagues who have come forward and exposed the Zanu PF scam.

The MDC is also aware of Zanu PF's desperation to rig the election at all costs. There is no way the election of the Speaker can possibly be free and fair is the House of Assembly is not properly constituted.

Several MPs have been disenfranchised through arrests on trumped up charges in order for Zanu PF to achieve a pre-determined outcome of the election.

The party wishes to record its appreciation of the gesture and decision by our progressive counter-parts in Parliament who have announced their intention to back Hon. Lovemore Moyo.

We cherish such progressive thinking as it enhances the democratic struggle for real change. We welcome that development as a positive move.

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