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  • Solar powered lighting in Kuwadzana and Glenview
    Movement for Democratic Change
    July 07, 2010

    The Mayor of Harare, Muchadeyi Masunda today inspected the city council's pilot project of solar street lighting in Kuwadzana and Glenview 3 shopping centers. The two streetlights are capable of lighting the entire shopping center using solar energy.

    "It is an exciting project and we are assessing whether this is a tenable project. We have one street light at the shopping area and if we have six more we can light the entire community," said Mayor Masunda. "But for now we are checking if the lights work." The solar powered street light cost an estimated US$2 000, and can last for up to 20 years with only the panel and the batteries needing replacement. Mayor Masunda said these lights were a third the size of the electricity operated tower lights. He said that the council was working on energy conservation as the nation grapples with electricity shortages.

    Elsewhere, there is an increased upsurge of intimidation of villagers in the rural areas by State security agents as the Constitution-making process spreads out across the country. Reports from the provinces show a worrying trend of an increase in intimidation, harassment and arrests of people.

    The MDC Mashonaland Central Youth Assembly deputy provincial chairperson, Brian Pfungweni was arrested in Mt Darwin as he was mobilising MDC supporters to attend the Constitution-making public meetings. Before his arrest he was attacked by Zanu PF supporters in the area. However, instead of arresting the Zanu PF youths, the police arrested Pfungweni. He has since been transferred to Bindura central police station and is expected to appear in court this week.

    In Shamva, also in Mashonaland Central province, Central Intelligence Office agents on Tuesday addressed villagers before the start of the outreach meetings preaching the discredited Kariba draft. They threatened them with disappearance if they did not comply with this directive. The CIO agents were driving unmarked vehicles when they addressed villagers in Shamva at Bradley, Kamudyariwa, Hore, Chidembo and Kasimbi meeting points.

    The Zanu PF Shamva South MP, Samuel Ziteya, illegally withdrew written submissions that had been handed to the Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) team at Bradley. In Fairfields, Chirumanzu, Midlands province, a deputy headmaster at Fairfields primary school called for a parents' meeting and started addressing them about the Kariba draft ahead of Copac public meetings. Meanwhile, there are reports in some provinces that people who want to participate in the meetings are failing to do so as the Copac timetable is incorrect.

    In Masvingo province, the MDC Chivi South district chairperson, Shelter Chifamba was threatened with death by a self-styled war veteran and Zanu PF Chivi South Ward 24 chairman, Machanja Risco at a funeral in Chivi. Chifamba, who was assaulted and had her house destroyed in 2008, has been warned against mobilising people for the Constitution consultations currently underway.

    In Mashonaland Central province, the MDC information secretary for Muzarabani North district, Wilbert Zenya has been threatened with unspecified action after the soccer World Cup. Zenya of Ward 27 Maseredza village has been especially targeted because he has a satellite dish at his house where people are watching the World cup. "They told me I bought the satellite dish so that I watch news that supports the MDC," Zenya said.

    In Manicaland province, four Mutare law and order policemen went to the MDC MP for Makoni South Hon Pishayi Muchauraya's house, and instructed that the MP report to the Mutare Central police station without fail.


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