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Zanu PF's Indigenisation Bill unacceptable criminality
Secretary General, Movement for Democratic Change
February 11, 2010

The MDC dismisses the clandestine and nicodemous gazetting of regulations calling for all foreign investors to cede 51 percent of their investment to 'indigenous people.'

Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, whose ministry is yet to explain how it illegally foisted 13 000 Zanu PF youths on the government payroll, has decided to rail-road controversial, anti-investment regulations without the knowledge of Cabinet and the Head of Government, the Prime Minister.

It is simply a unilateral Zanu PF Bill which has failed to meet not only the basic components of procedure, but has far reaching negative and dire consequences on the much-needed investment in Zimbabwe.

The MDC views these provocative and anti-investment regulations as a deliberate attempt to undermine the country and its people. At a time when Zimbabwe desperately needs foreign direct investment, it is an affront to recovery efforts for the Ministry of Youth and Indigenisation to nocturnally and unilaterally gazette these anti-people and anti-Zimbabwe regulations.

Zanu PF simply wants to create a new arena for looting and abuse. The so-called "indigenous people" who are set to benefit from this criminal Bill are not the ordinary man and woman, but the well-connected elite and the Zanu PF chefs.

The people of Zimbabwe want real change. They want hope, security, dignity, freedom and prosperity. They want investment so that they can have jobs, food, better health care and education. They want real change yesterday and not cheap politics meant to extinguish hope and undermine the inclusive government.

The MDC calls upon the inclusive government, in the national interest, to reverse all such destructive policies and withdraw the gazette


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