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Resolutions of the MDC National Council Meeting
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
December 16, 2007

Resolution 1: Commitment to put the people first

i. Noting the unprecedented levels of suffering of our people, underpinned by gross levels of hyperinflation, shortages of food, cash, collapse of public health, transport and education,

ii. Concerned with the extreme manifestations of State violence, intolerance, lack of care, violent rhetoric, patronage, clientelism and corruption,

iii. Aware that the entire Zimbabwean population and all other democratic forces look to the MDC as the central engine of change in Zimbabwe,

The National Council resolves to;

1. Continue pursuing the goals of attaining democratic change in Zimbabwe based on the values of tolerance, openness, democracy, solidarity, nonviolence, commitment to the rule of law, equality and justice.

2. Continue the democratic struggle against the dictatorship through all democratic means, including dialogue and democratic resistance.

3. Place the Constitution and the struggle for that new Constitution at the centre of our struggle for democratization.

Resolution 2: Unity

i. Taking note of the importance of the 2008 general election,

ii. Aware of the suffering of the Zimbabwean people and desirous of placing the interests of the suffering Zimbabweans and all democratic forces at the front,

iii. Aware of the need to ensure that every vote counts against the dictatorship and tyranny,

iv. Pained by the unhappy events of the 12th of October 2005 which resulted in the emergence of two formations using and sharing the same MDC name, and

v. Cognizant of the need to accept the principal concept of one candidate for the opposition in respect of every contested seat,

The National Council resolves that;

1. The Party should endeavor to work for the creation of a united front of all democratic forces against the dictatorship.

2. The Party work for the specific united front and understanding with the other MDC formation emerging after the 12 th of October 2005.

3. The President and the National Standing Committee be obliged and empowered to do all such things as necessary to achieve the above and to report to this council.

Resolution 3: The SADC Dialogue

i. Taking note of the report by the Secretary General on the SADC dialogue,

The National Council resolves that;

1. The Party remains committed to the process of dialogue despite the challenges.

2. Await the conclusion on the sticking issues as soon as possible.

Resolution 4: The National Assembly of Women (NAW)

i. Taking note of the National Standing Committee's decision on behalf of the National Council done on the 2 nd of October 2007,

ii. Acknowledging the Extra-Ordinary Congress of the NAW held in Bulawayo on the 28th of October 2007, and

iii. Noting the constraints, contestations and challenges associated with the Extra-Ordinary congress held on the 28 th of October 2007,

The National Council resolves that;

1. Council takes note of the dissolution of the NAW.

2. Council notes the result and outcome of the Extra-Ordinary Congress of the NAW held on the 28 th of October 2007, until such time as an extraordinary congress is held three months after the 2008 general election.

3. The previous Chairperson of the NAW Mrs. Lucia Gladys Matibenga be invited to become a member of the National Executive Committee.

4. Every member of the Party moves ahead and accepts the need to move forward as a united entity.

Resolution 5: The United Kingdom and Ireland (UK&I) External Branch

i. Having received a report from the National Chairman in connection with the UK&I external assembly,

The National Council hereby;

1. Accepts and ratifies the decision to dissolve the Executive of that external assembly as was done by the National Chairman on the 13 th of October 2007.

2. Accepts the decision to appoint an interim executive

3. For the avoidance of doubt, acknowledges, condones and ratifies all actions and decisions taken by the National Chairman.

4. Directs that the Extra-Ordinary meeting of the UK&I external assembly be held to elect a new executive before the 28 th of February 2008.

Nelson Chamisa MP
Secretary for Information and Publicity

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