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Zimbabweans should register to vote Mugabe OUT says President Tsvangirai
MDC Press
July 30, 2007

President Morgan Tsvangirai on Sunday urged the people of Zimbabwe to register and vote if they want to improve the lot of their lives.

Addressing a 10 000 strong crowd at Kuwadzana 4 shops on Sunday, President Tsvangirai said the people of Zimbabwe had an option to choose between chaos and progress; chaos as represented by the Zanu PF government and development as represented by the MDC.

President Tsvangirai said the MDC would launch its Presidential and Parliamentary campaign in September. The party will use the launch not only to show its solid grassroots support but to unveil its social and economic programmes.

The 10 000-strong crowd defied intimidation by state security forces and a counter-rally by Zanu PF to attend an address by MDC leader President Morgan Tsvangirai at Kuwadzana on Sunday.

Riot police and army vehicles patrolled the streets of Kuwadzana on Saturday night and early Sunday morning intimidating people and telling them to attend an impromptu Zanu PF function meant to disrupt the MDC rally that was scheduled for Kuwadzana 4 shops on Sunday afternoon. The Zanu PF function, addressed Harare metropolitan governor David Karimanzira, provincial chairman Amos Midzi, among others, was meant to dole out taxpayers money for the ruling party supporters' "projects."

We deplore the politics of violence that characterises Zanu PF. We deplore the politics of force-marching people to Zanu PF rallies. We are against the politics of bribing voters. The MDC has a tradition of going back to the voters for report back meetings while Zanu PF has this penchant for doling out "loans" to bribe voters ahead of national elections. The people of Zimbabwe want to work for themselves. They want to be shown the dam and not to be given fish.

The President said the MDC would continue to press ahead for a level playing field that would ensure a free and fair election. If by default Mugabe wins the next election, the President said, that would be a death sentence for Zimbabwe.

The deputy secretary-general Hon Tapiwa Mashakada, Harare provincial chairman Morgan Femai and women's assembly secretary-general Evelyn Masaiti-Matongo also addressed the rally.

Hon Mashakada chronicled the national crisis and the catalogue of failure that characterized the Zanu PF leadership. He debunked the Zanu PF parody that Zimbabwe was under sanctions, saying there were only sanctions were the targeted sanctions against the Zanu PF chefs and their acolytes.

On Saturday, about 8 000 people turned for a rally in Budiriro and were addressed by the provincial leadership and Hon Emmanuel Chisvuure, the local MP.

Zimbabwe is ready for change. The people are tired of tyranny. We are ready to serve the people. The nation is teetering on the brink of a new horizon; a new frontier to a new Zimbabwe. The MDC is ready to serve the people.

Yesterday, today, together marching to a new Zimbabwe.

Nelson Chamisa, MP
Secretary for Information and Publicity

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