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  • Should the MDC-T boycott Parliament and local government? Zimbabweans speak out
    August 05, 2013

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    Following the MDC's statement on 1 August declaring Zimbabwe's 31 July harmonised election illegitimate, and their 3 August decision to boycott institutions of government, we asked our subscribers the following question:

    Kubatana! With the MDC-T calling the election illegitimate should their elected MPs & councillors take up their seats or boycott Parliament & local government?

    Around 2/3 of respondents said the MDC should boycott Parliament and local government, and not take up their seats as MPs or councillors. The main reason for this was that to take up their seats would be to legitimise an election the MDC has called illegitimate. There was a strong sense from subscribers that "the MDC cannot have it both ways. Some respondents also thought that the MDC wouldn't be able to accomplish anything by taking up their seats, or that Zanu PF should be left to govern the country on its own.

    About 30% of respondents said the MDC should take up their seats, primarily because they had a mandate or responsibility from the people who had elected them. A few thought it was unrealistic to expect the MDC to boycott their seats, because of the benefits individual MPs and councillors get from being in office.

    A small percentage were undecided or had mixed opinions on the issue.

    A small sampling of responses includes:

    • I'm so angry at the moment that I would rather not answer that question.
    • The should not and let them rule the country vari vega if the elections were free and fair the winning party why is it victimising the losing one s suporters
      yes they should boycott coz once they participate they will legitimize the fradulant election
    • They should stay with the pple! Why go to parly when we know that even their results were doctored to mollify us. Mugabe and his party won - let him rule alone!
    • They shd let zanu pf go it alone or since zpf intends to subvert the wil of e pple thru constitutn amndments mdc shdnt be part of it
    • MDC-T elected MPs & councillors should take up their seats so as not to dissapoint pple who chose them.
    • Only if they have something to do
    • Plse advise mdc-t mps not to boycot. We know what happened and we heavily backing the mdc-t party. Let the skeleton mp representation fill their places in the palamnt even if they are going to snow there. They should sit in parliament and preserve the smoldering light of mdc-t. Don't they learn frm zanu ndonga which kept its 1 seat for 20yrs? Its falling down in an unfortold political playground tricks. When politicians fall down they should stand up and run again. Why boycoting? Be like solders! We will there one day.
    • They must boycott taking up of seats 2 show our disappointments. The people will speak what next. Dont be traped using money. We mustn't be greedy about salaries.
    • Mgabe's silly, did anounced presidential results in 2 Days. In 2008 it took him a quarter year, his a typical thief.
    • We will not loose hope. In protest our MDC MPs shoudn't get in the parliament of cronies.
    • They should not take part in council or parliament business bt Mdc must give them allowances so that they are nt tempted by the lv fo money
    • That has always been the problem with MDC.They must not participert in anyway.Look at what GNU begot and the Zumas are now saying to Tsvangirai accept results.
    • Participating means legitimising the illigitimate they should not b part of it people are angry
    • The MDC-Ts must not take the seat because if they take the seat that means they have agred with the results
    • They shoud have nothing to do with this guvnment of thieves.If they do they will have betrayed us, themselves as well.
    • These are crying babies.those who won deserve their seats
    • Now it's tight it was better to boycott 31 July polls coz if they do that what about those people who elected?
    • They should boycott to show the illegitimace.
    • They should not take part in any part because if the election is rejected and participating amounts to acceptance which is a contradiction.
    • Mr T may keep quiet but shld let Spksman, Sec Gen, Org Sec rouse the bulldust if not satisfied. Tell him so. Chiefs did lot of damage for playing fierce dragon.
    • Stupid and foolish MDC candidates without Zimbabwe at heart can boycot.In elections one loses or wins. Respect results and the law.
    • The must not sit with those wolves.They stole our vote and try to make it a normal process.Obasanjo, may the Lord forgive him for tellin' the opposite of what he saw.
    • They should not boycot they were elected by people who want them to serve them .they are boycoting the electorate
    • They should boycot, otherwise taking up the duties will legitimise the illegitimate
    • They should boycot becoz if they take office posts it will be free &fair election
    • They shld not even try to work with wolfs, instead they shld concerntrate about giving their party members information about the way forward & the stance to take so that the will of the pple of zimbabwe are met without fear of the unknown person.we demand our right now !
    • They should boycott.Their presents would legitimise everything after all they will never have an impact

    Download all responses:
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