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  • Now is the time
    Takudzwa Ziwenjere
    July 18, 2013

    For quite awhile l have lived in suppression
    and fading hopes of liberation
    All this while I have been crying for emancipation
    hoping that some hero will come for my resuscitation
    Little had I known, that only I and me alone
    had to come out and stand for myself.

    In my words lied the solution
    the only key for my liberation
    Not only did l realise that, but l also discovered something
    I was not only suppressed, but brainwashed too
    fortunately l the solution.

    I believe in my words is where the truth lies
    I believe in my words is where the solution is
    Yes you can try to use your brutal methods
    but the power in my words stays provocative
    The power that is in my words is just a time bomb
    you can beat my body, but remember l got a mind
    The secret chamber in which the plain truth lies
    I have a mind that is free and has to be said out.

    I believe its high time to say myself out
    I believe its high time I expose corrupts
    Its high time l get myself off, from the yoke of suppression
    I once saw it but couldn't talk,
    its high time l depart from such ways
    They used brutality to shut me up
    its high time l open my mouth.

    It's just high time I impact change
    get free from suppression
    Its high time I stand for the truth
    YES it is now!!

    I cannot be a Martin Luther King
    I don't have the oratory skills
    But l believe in the truth
    the way l may talk can sound absurd
    But the truth is the truth
    I know the little that I say will impact change
    But I have to say it out
    Because now is the time
    Yes it is now!!!

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