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  • Zimbabweans' feedback on their MPs use of the Constituency Development Fund
    July 09, 2013

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    Kubatana asked our subscribers how their exiting Member of Parliament used the Constituency Development Fund between 2008-2013 to benefit their community. We share some of their responses here.

    • St Mary’s const he married 2 more wives his name Marvelous Kumalo (THE BEST OF THE WORST)
    • I come from Gokwe Chireya our MP was Sindi hapana zvaakaita hatina chataka ona road dzedu dzakafa zuokuti hakuna bhazi rinofamba. (I come from Gokwe South, our MP Sindi had did nothing. Our roads are so bad that buses no longer use them)
    • I live in Mt Darwin South constituency Kasukuwere is my Mp but I don’t like him. I employed by DDF in Mkumbura. Mt Darwin south Novet Mponora is the MP Zanu pf member . There are four councillors of MDC in Mt Darwin north; its better to give them
    • Mazowe cdf was used to construct mortuary at Rosa hops, 5blocks at each for 5 schools, finishing 1 clinic, and construction of new clinic ,2 staff houses at hops, repairing of 2 dip tanks and construction of 1 new dip tank, supplied 2 business centres with taped water 1 staff house under construction and one school so far so good
    • I live in Glen Norah C ext as far as I know our MP has not done anything. We as children we need a playing ground but there's only a soccer ground but l love volleyball but were can I play? That is why we end up in the streets. He should have made many grounds like volleyball, ground tennis, hand ball. He should have donated blankets at the beginning of the winter season to the disadvantaged. As for the youth he should have called a meeting for youths and guide us telling how the world is out there. Last saw that when I was about ten now I am fifteen.
    • I am based in Glen View north constituency, Munengami being the MP and is still the aspiring candidate. He drilled 5 boreholes, computers and computer desks to 2 schools, donated chairs and tables to 3 schools, built science room lastly but not least ZESA transformer 4 the community
    • Mr Undenge repaired many schools that were destroyed by wind. He also built blocks of toilets in some schools
    • Mash central. MP Mushonga Gweshe O level brock complete. Nyachuru dip tank. Rosa 4 double rooms plus mortuary in progress. Kanhukamwe administration block. Maodzwa primary 2 blocks complete. Shopo clinic complete and dip tank. Shutu O level block complete. Mukodzongi clinic nearly complete and as many. Dzandasiya dzikugadziriswa dzirikutovakwa. Vanhu vemashe central ngavamupe mumwe mukana tinoyambuka (The ones I left out are still under construction. People of Mash Central should vote for him and give him another chance we will succeed)
    • Hauana kuunganidza kuti vavabvunze kuti todi nemari yedevelopment vangovaka zvimashedhi pasinamatoilet nesikmoney hazvina kufambiswa nenzira yakanaka. (They did not gather the people to ask them what they wanted done with the development money. They just build market sheds where they are no toilets to use. This was not done in the proper way)
    • Nothing was done, tired of lies wont vote Chipinge east

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