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  • Is the new constitution a feasible project?
    Bhekumusa Moyo
    July 09, 2010

    One is left wondering about the feasibility of a new constitution for Zimbabwe by 2011 when one follows the sad revelations that continue to bedevil the process. First was the 9-10 month delay in starting the process. Now it is the little money available to pay rapottoirs. One begins to wonder what will be next?

    Zimbabweans, patient as they are, waited. I say they are patient because they waited for a long time for independence until 1980, then later they waited for the killing of more than 20 000 sons and daughters of Matabeleland and the Midlands to stop, after which they waited for a truly democratic Zimbabwe which has never come. The waiting was not over as in March 2008 they had to wait for election results that never came until they had even forgotten that they voted. Comrades, I strongly say and believe that Zimbabweans are patient, they have waited for the process to kick start and it has albeit at a snail-s and confused pace.

    If the process was a pregnant woman, she would have been operated on long time ago. The teams are on the ground, yes that-s work in progress. But how smooth will it move when Honorables evade the noble cause to watch soccer in the big towns? That may be trivial compared to the gross complaints which are storming in from Mashonaland. "The money is too little. The money which they are giving us hayitenge chinhu. We are now using our own money to buy food," said one Honorable on National Television. I ask myself, "Is this a money making process or a constitution making process?" I stand to be corrected if I sight wrong digits. My friends are in the process, they told me the money they get is public knowledge. They say the rapottoirs are getting between $75-$100 per day. Tell me, "Is this little?" How much do our civil servants earn? What makes these people more special than all who service the state, the Police, Soldiers and Teachers?

    The constitution making process is a job yet to be done and taken seriously. Maybe it is the way it began. It attracted a lot of cockroaches to it, people who do not have the nation but money at heart. Let me remind everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in this process that this is national duty. The world cup is successful next door because FIFA works with people who volunteer to work for the "Love of the Game". Why did we not get patriotic people like Madhuku to do the job for free? I would have joined the bandwagon too. I say he is patriotic because he is the first Zimbabwean to spearhead a process and lead NCA to come up with an independent draft constitution. Whose country are "they" building anyway, for them to complain this nauseatingly? When our fathers went to war they were never promised a cent. But they did the job and did it well. Surely he laughed when I invited him to watch the news when the complaint was being aired on National Television. If Zimbabwe was not ready for the process, it should have been postponed and the money spent on the 110 000 students who failed to register for their examinations this year. Despite the fact that children do not have a thematic committee, the process might be a botched one considering the political polarization and impasse. It presents no future to anyone.

    In other areas there are reports of "Operation vhara muromo" where people must not speak unless they were chosen to in the planning meetings. It is not only ZANU that is frustrating or rigging the process by intimidation, the MDC-T also sent out documents that must be said by their selected people. Surely, how can Zimbabwe-s supreme law be built on this sandy foundation? One is left wondering, did COPAC consider using simple project implementation tools which include- feasibility, accountability, risks and the possible interventions? I doubt it. In the Midlands there were reports of low turnout. People are tired. They are no longer patient.

    There were scores of people waiting at the City Hall in Bulawayo only to learn later in the news that "People of Bulawayo are watching World Cup". This is disgusting and very uncouth. If disappointing hundreds of people in that manner and trying to equate a national process to a soccer extravaganza happening kilometers away is not madness, I don-t know what is.

    Why did they not stop the whole process country wide if they knew that people will be watching soccer? If they meant the unpatriotic MPs of theirs were the ones watching soccer, the allegation may be true. Zimbabwe needs a New Constitution like before the previous election but Zimbabweans must be patriotic enough to make this process work or it will be another money spinning rendezvous that will enrich a few like the $50 000 for war veterans, while the whole nation is held ransom. Is the process really a feasible project?

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