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Henri Frenay, one of those who organized French Resistance
Foundation of Reason and Justice
December 11, 2009

During the Second World War Philippines, Burma, Demark were overrun by German in two days. Some armies- surrendered without even firing a bullet. France was defeated in six months time, this lead to armistice on 22 June 1940. France was divided into two demarcations, the occupied areas which covered Northern, Westerns areas and the Atlantic Coast. German controlled two fifth of France.

The French government controlled one fifth, with the government at Vichy. Marshal Philippe Petain, its leader rose to leadership through army ranks. The armistice required among other things that France surrender all the Jews to Hitler; pay for the cost of occupying Germans forces; reduce its army to 100 000 and forbid its citizens from engaging in any form of resistance.

The French people were not happy with the Germans. Many felt that the Marshal Petain had compromised. Petain arrested and even executed his own people to appease the Germans. Patriots who continued to resist the Germans after surrendering of France were seen as trouble makers causing France problems instead of the occupying Germans. Petain's regime arrested many citizens for activities against the occupying Germans.

Henri Frenay, an army officer resigned from the French government and started resistance activities. His secret paper, the Combat objectively challenged French government for compromising and inflamed the spirit of patriotism in many French people. Frenay and other members of the resisistance launched a secret army to fight the Germans.

Many of his co-workers were arrested by the French government, the Gestapo (German secret police) and many were executed. The French resistance assisted the allied forces by providing intelligence information to London and halting the German tanks advancing to Normady.

Though, the then French leaders saw Henri Frenay and the Resistance movement as threat. Today leaders of the French resistance movement are seen as heroes and patriotic. Compromise is a political disease.

There are many comparisons to draw between the then French situation and the Zimbabwean crisis. Some leaders of the MDC, SA and SADC may feel threatened by Zimbabweans who are talking of outright resistance to Mugabe-s oppression. But I have no doubt history will judge these hardliners as heroes. Therefore, Zimbabweans thinking of resistance must not doubt. Now is the time.

The MDC has its strategies, that may be compromising but Zimbabweans must not stop at that. ZANU PF is a criminal enterprise. People must rise up, the situation is desperate. ZANU PF is the enemy of the people, as long as ZANU PF leaders are still in power, whether in unity government Zimbabwe will not get right.

What is the way forward? There are many lessons to learn from French resistance to compromising Petain's regime and Adolf Hitler. The oppressed people must not be limited in thinking. So many things can be done. People must not be comfortable in suffering. Religious or political reasons must not be offered to calm people in suffering.

People who are in oppression must rise up against the oppressors. In Zimbabwe many people have died in the so-called peace time. Mugabe has killed tens of thousands. Millions of lives have been ravaged - diseases, orphans, cholera deaths, poverty and demoralization of Zimbabweans are consequences of Mugabe or ZANU PF-s reign of terror. I will not be judged wrong to say Mugabe has killed more people than those died in civil war against Ian Smith (the war before the so-called independence of Zimbabwe in 1980).

Zimbabweans must be united, contribute resources, skills for the liberation of the country. ZANU PF has employed tens of thousands of CIO (secret police) working in NGOs Churches etc . . . , these are opposed to the message of resistance or change. Many CIO have been posted to countries such as South Africa and Botswana. Even some officials in opposition political parties are working for ZANU PF to suppress the struggle. Sometimes it-s difficult to know your enemy. But, by their words and actions you shall know them.

What is unity government? Unity between the losers and winners of elections! Unity between masters and servants of the people! Unity between evil and good! People afraid of suffering will defend Unity Government at all cost. Shame! Shame! Shame! This world is so upside down that an injustice can be called justice. Dictators who loose elections must go or face massive resistance. War is not an old fashioned thing. Principles of just war must be revisited.

As for me, l will not accept anything less than total freedom and liberation of Zimbabwe from Mugabe and his ZANU henchman.

Collen Makumbirofa
Johannesburg, South Africa.
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