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Diaspora Resistance - Moratorium on Money Transfer II
Phil Matibe
October 27, 2007

The overwhelming affirmative response to the call for a pragmatic, people driven campaign to starve the regime of forex for the next thirty days compels me to further illuminate this principled stratagem.

Indeed the Diaspora resistance has provoked vibrant, intelligent debate which has allowed audacious Zimbabweans to interrogate with maturity, civility and restraint, the case for a viable passive resistance campaign.

A triumphant strategy originates with an attainable objective. Effectively denying the enablers of tyranny their economic ability to function thereby successfully dismantling the very pillars that buttress the brutal regime are the solitary goals.

"Musa pedzere miseve kumakunguwo hanga dzichiuya"

Pseudo-revolutionaries and political opportunists whose incendiary articles take a different trajectory to the fundamental subject matter have no place in this national endeavor. Democratic parties need to be ready to occupy the vacuum created by this bold undertaking which shall hasten the dictator to abandon autocracy.

"Tsuro nenungu mumwena mumwechete abayiwa ngaabude".

The Moratorium Campaign is a lawful, non-violent, effectual embargo which shall cement our rightful place as significant players in our country's future.

This moratorium is a shot across the bow at an intransigent regime. We demand our fundamental rights. Economic might is the weapon of choice from the available vast arsenal. This is not mere saber rattling but a formidable patriotic duty supported by battered recipients of diaspora charity.

The docility and inaction of Zimbabweans is legendary. "The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people."

Our relatives are jovial when they receive funds from an exiled relation. On the other hand Diaspora Zimbabweans are perpetuating a culture of dependency and enabling complacency amongst their kith and kin. Why should a well fed, able bodied Zimbabwean youth participate in a politically feasible protest for the shortage of basic commodities?

The very recipients of our charity need to contribute to this campaign by tightening their belts and denying the purveyors of tyranny critical funding. Let us instruct our relatives in tandem with our thirty day moratorium, to abstain from utilizing services and buying essential goods from known regime establishments .e.g. buses, trains, stores, garages etc.

Boycott the banks, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and other professionals who now rely on Diaspora funds for payment of services rendered and yet blatantly support the regime.

Thirty days of collective pain and we define our destiny

Asesabi Lutho - Hapana Chatinotya - We fear Nothing

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