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Another abducted NUST Student leader narrates his ordeal in the hands of state security agents
Vallencio Jachi
April 23, 2007

I was separated from Trust Nhubu at Mzilikazi Police station and forced into a yellow Toyota Twin cab by two guys, one of them had been following us from Khami Bar and the other was with us in the 323. They took me to a house in Queens Park East around 23hrs after my other comrade had already been driven away.

They forced me into the house and started asking me questions. At this point I was very afraid because I thought they were going to kill me. Hey asked for my name, where I was from, the people who coordinated the ZIMCODD/TI-Z public meeting, and the reason why I attended that meeting. They were asking me questions about Mkwananzi, Dr. Shanah, Bere, Thokozani Khupe and others whose names I cannot recall. They were saying, " Imi vafana imi ndimi munotumwa nanaThokozani" (You youths are working in cahoots with the likes of Thokozani).

The other guys, who was big in stature took me to the toilet and forced my head into the chamber and started flushing asking me, "Iwe mufana unoita nezvei iwe?" (Young man what exactly are you involved in) He took me back to the other guy and started beating me up on the face, on the head and underneath the feet saying, "Kuti mutore nyika ino you should be prepared to kill" (For you to take this country you should be prepared to kill like we did during the liberation struggle).

They left me in that room and locked before driving off. They only came back early hours of the morning while it was still dark. They gave me sadza and vegetables and asked me to eat because they were saying the journey I was going to travel was long and needed people who are fed. They threatened me saying I should not tell anyone about what had happened to me. They took my student ID number and said they will find me.

I fell unconscious only to wake up on Saturday at Bulawayo CID CABS Building offices. They took to the Centenary Park around 7pm on Saturday and dumped me there. I managed to call Admire Zaya and Trust Nhubu who came to pick me up. Right now I need to seek medical attention and go to Masvingo and be with my family. I was told to kill but all I want is peace and justice. How can they abduct defenseless students? I know every season has a time, if they plant sorrow they will reap sorrow, if they play with knives their knives will turn against them. We are no longer afraid of them; we cannot stand aside and just watch. All progressive forces should know about this!!!!


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