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I was abducted and dumped close to the Botswana border
Trust Nhubu
April 23, 2007

Around about 2015hrs on Thursday the 19th of April 2007 at the end of the ZIMCODD/ TI-Z public meeting held in Bulawayo at the Royal Hotel, i in the company of Clemence Bere(NUST SRC President), Mehluli Dube ( Vice President), Vanencio Jachi and Admire Zaya went to Ritz to buy a couple of drinks. From there we went to Khami Bar. When we were in the bar, four guys approached us and said that we were under arrest and were taking us in for questioning about statements made in the public meeting. Bere and Mehluli managed to run away whilst we were being force marched out of Khami bar. One of the four guys identified himself as a CID officer from Central Police Station, the other three did not show their identification. We were forced into a white 323-vehicle with government number plates beginning with a ‘GH’. Three of the guys got into the vehicle with Vanencio Jachi and me. The fourth one got into another vehicle. There was a fifth guy whom I saw outside and recognized him as one of the people at the public meeting. He was talking to the Officers but did not go with us.

They drove us to Mzilikazi Police Station saying they were going to detain us there. At Mzilikazi two of them got out and went into the Charge office only to come out minutes later taking Jachi out and leaving me in the car. That’s the last time I saw Jachi. At around 2300hrs they drove along Khami road heading for what I later discovered to be Solusi Police sub office. At Solusi I was beaten up. They were using their fists to hit me on the head. They were asking for the whereabouts of Promise Mkwananzi and Clemence Bere’s residential address. They said: "munoda kuzviita vanhu vakangwara, tinoda kukubatai muri mese, kana takubatai tinoda kukutaridzai chidzidzo chekuti hamuna kwamunosvika. Vanhu vatirikuda ndi Mkwananzi na Bere." (You think you are clever and untouchable. We want to round up all of you at once and teach you a lesson just to show you, you are fighting a loosing battle). They also said they have been seeing us in public meetings lambasting the government and insighting violence.

While at Solusi they searched my bag and found ZIMCODD and TI-Z material which they forced me to tear into small pieces. They then told me to put the small pieces together and read which was impossible. They started beating me up saying how can you fail to read when you are learned, they were saying, "Hausi ku NUST here iwe, dotiverengera mapepa ayo, handiti wakadzidza." (Are you not at NUST? read those papers for us, you cannot fail to read because you are educated). After a while they disappeared around 0100hrs only to come back after 2hrs and drove me for about 5-10kms out of Tsholotsho. At this point I thought they were taking me into a bush to kill me. They stopped the car and forced me out and sped off leaving me behind around 0800hrs. I was feeling numb from the beatings, was hungry and disoriented because I had never been to this part of the country. I just gathered some bit of strength walked back in the direction from which we came. I got to Tsholotsho Shopping Centre some 120kms out of Bulawayo.

While at the shopping centre I narrated my ordeal to some man who then gave me transport to Nyamandlovu. That was now Friday. In Nyamandlovu I also talked to someone who gave me a place to put up and also assisted me to get transport to Norwood the following day (Saturday). I managed to get hold o Admire Zaya and told him where I was. He then called ZIMCODD, TI-Z and SST. Soon after I got a call from ZIMCODD that they were coming to pick me up by then I was sleeping on the side of the road feeling tired, hungry and sick. They picked me up 20minutes later along Nyamandlovu road.

All I can say is that those guys are serious, they are determined to crush activism and that’s when I realized how vulnerable youth activists are. As for now I just want to go to my rural home in Masvingo and take a rest and see my family. I am really worried about my comrade Wezhira (Vanencio Jachi) whose whereabouts I don’t know. They claim that students are ‘fronts’ for other people and they continuously ask that who sent you.

The struggle in Zimbabwe is bitter, very bitter and the regime will stop at nothing. Some of our comrades are abducted but their stories are never heard. They try to break us but our united spirit shall never be broken.

Aluta continua!!!!!!!!

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