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  • 2002 Presidential & Harare Municipal elections - Index of articles

  • Electronic Advocacy - Feedback over the Presidential Election weekend
    March 18, 2002

    During the recently held elections, kubatana ensured that critical election information was made available by email and on the internet. We communicated information on election procedure, wards and constituencies to over 1500 subscribers. Please review some of the feedback we received on voting difficulties and irregularities.

    A young man a bit ahead of me in the voting queue (at Widdecombe Primary School, Hatfield, about 8.30am on Saturday) was issued with a ballot paper for the presidential election which already had a cross on it, against the name of an independent candidate. He noticed this in time, protested, drew the attention of observers and was given a clean ballot paper. I didn't get his name. The observers probably did. The important points are:
    - need to watch out in case more such papers surface.
    - voters are pretty vigilant.
    BM, Harare

    After spending more than 7 hours queuing, residents of the following surbubs: Maridale Hill, Knowe, Johannesburg and Trafalgar in Norton found their names missing from the voters roll. They were told they had been placed under Chegutu Rural. This meant travelling to Selous 40km away. This is despite the fact that they had voted under Norton before and had inspected the voters' roll less than 2 months ago. Tens of thousands failed to make the trip. Some of the very few who went were told their names were missing from the voters' roll.

    As I'm writing I am told people are being turned away at Zuvarabuda School in Glen Norah because they have run out of ballot papers. Action please.
    Dr S, Harare

    I went to Simudzai Primary School on Saturday 9 march 2002 to cast my vote, but to my surprise my name was no where to be found. This surprised me a great deal because I checked the voters roll in December and my name was there. Could you please assist me by checking my name in other constituencies. Maybe it was transferred from my constituency. What I do not understand is how can a name disappear from a voters roll? PLEASE ASSIST ME I WANT TO EXERCISE MY RIGHT, I WANT TO VOTE.
    PZ, Harare

    At 11pm I decided to give up - my husband decided to stay. Eventually at 1.30am he got to the station. However, his name appeared on a "black list" that they had - and because his name was on that list - he was denied the right to cast his vote. His name appeared on the voters roll - they actually acknowledged that fact - but he was told he was not allowed to vote despite the fact that his name was on the roll and despite the fact that he was in possession of his passport, ID, and all documents to prove his citizenship.

    At that time in the morning there were NO independent observers / monitors around to assist him. The only people around were the Government elected monitors and agents and they refused to let him vote or to give him a reason as to why he was not allowed to vote! He tried to convince and plead with them - they sent in policemen to drag him out of the station.
    SB, Harare

    We are worried that we might not be on the voters roll, as we have heard that people have been deleted on the voters roll. May you please check if the following names are still on the roll.
    VC, Harare

    As requested, please note that in Harare Central (Admiral Tait Polling Station), SA was turned away from voting because his name did not appear on the register. This is despite the fact that he had registered for the Parliamentary Elections last year.
    CS, Harare

    Just to let you know that the Mount Pleasant District office polling station is not open although there are about 50 or 60 people waiting to vote. Someone from our staff who went there to cast her vote at about 9 am today was told that they are "waiting for the registrar to give them the go-ahead".
    B, Harare

    Approximately 12 people have been arrested today at Hallingbury School Polling Station. What has happened is that the spouses of the people arrested, managed to vote over the weekend, and those that went to vote today have managed to get traces of ink on their hands from their spouse. They are currently being held at Mabelreign Police Station, and are now being transported to Harare Central. The traces of ink have shown up on one hand and in small patches. The people being detained HAVE NOT VOTED previously.
    C Kiara, Harare

    Even the polling officer in charge took me to one side and admitted that he just had to do his job and that he knew it was unlawful to have only this morning received a hurriedly drawn up list of the "renouncers" that he was told under no circumstances was he allowed to let vote! This list that arrived half way through the morning of the first day of polling? Free and Fair? I know of at least one person who beat the list and was allowed to vote. I was insistent as far as I was able: I saw my name on the main voter's roll with my own eyes, a fact denied by the obvious ruling party official who tried to hurriedly hide the page with her arm and very threatening attitude.
    S, Harare

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