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Media complaints report - October 2013
Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe
November 05, 2013

Parties Complaint Status
Supa Mandiwanzira versus The Daily News (23 July 2013)
  • Mr Mandiwanzira filed a complaint over the coverage of President Mugabe's Star Rally in Mutare held on the 23rd of July 2013.
  • Mr Mandiwanzira complained that the article published by the Daily News is inaccurate. Mr Mandiwanzira says people were not forced to attend the rally but did so on their own.
  • Mr Mandiwanzira says as the Director of Ceremonies at the rally he was aware that people were not forced to attend the rally and says the massive turnout at the rally was a result of President Mugabe’s popularity.
  • Mr Mandiwanzira wants the Daily News to retract the article
  • The complainant withdrew the case before the matter was heard by the Media Complaints Committee (MCC) after the complainant reached an agreement over the matter with the Daily News.

Professor Lovemore Madhuku vs Daily News.

(16 June 2013 , 20 June 2013)

  • Professor Lovemore Madhuku filed a complaint with the Media Complaints Committee over a story published in The Daily News on Sunday of 16 June 2013. Prof Madhuku says the story and the comment published in the paper are not true and are meant to portray him in bad light.
  • Professor Madhuku alleges that the Daily News’ article headlined “Bloated SADC Summit Entourage” is inaccurate as he (Madhuku) was purportedly said to be among the 67 names of the Zanu-PF delegation to the Maputo SADC summit.


  • The matter was heard by the MCC. Prof Madhuku at the meeting was represented by NCA information officer, Maddock Chivasa while the Daily News was represented by Political Editor, Thelma Chikwana.
  • Both parties made presentations to the MCC.
  • In his case Prof Madhuku said he was not on the Zanu-PF delegation list and indicated that he did not attend the SADC Summit in Maputo.
  • The Daily News in the presentation to the committee said they got the story from their sources, the paper indicated that they did not see the list but were basing their story on sources who saw the list.
  • The MCC however, in analysing the matter said the Daily News should have afforded Prof Madhuku a right of reply. The MCC also indicated that the story in the Daily News was written as if the paper had seen Madhuku’s name on the Zanu-PF list.
  • The committee in its judgment ruled that the Daily News should afford Prof Madhuku a right of reply for him to give his response to allegations raised in article. The newspaper and the complainant agreed to liase over time frame to publish the right of reply.

Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi versus The Herald
  • Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi filed a complaint against The Herald , Zimbabwe Independent, Daily News and NewsDay over the newspaper’s alleged use of his pictures without acknowledging him or the organisation that he works for.


The matter was referred to the Media Complaints Committee (MCC) and three newspapers Zimbabwe Independent, NewsDay and The Daily News attended the hearing on the matter. The Herald did not attend the hearing.

  • Parties at the hearing unreservedly concurred that media houses had an obligation to acknowledge source of any works published.
  • The parties after presenting their cases agreed that there was a need to agree on a standard way of paying for pictures that would have been downloaded from the internet if and when the owner /complaint needed payments.
  • The parties agreed to use rates for pictures agreed to between media houses and journalists unions as a future remedy when such a situation arises.
  • Mukwazhi withdrew invoices that he had earlier issued to the four media houses.

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