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Statement on suspension of 1st TV programmes
1st TV
September 21, 2013

Good evening Zimbabwe.

Eight weeks ago tonight, 1st TV launched its very first broadcast.

We were extremely proud to introduce the station and we remain proud of its achievements over the past two months.

1st TV is a Zimbabwean project, initiated by Zimbabweans, for Zimbabweans.

During our existence we have strived to abide by the aims and ideals of this project.

Firstly, to provide all Zimbabweans with independent information on a wide range of topics via news broadcasts, debate and talk shows.

In only two months, on our news and current affairs programming we have interviewed almost 200 people, many of them more than once.

We have endeavored to ensure that all political parties and institutions were represented providing equal access to the platform.

Indeed we have been accused of supporting each of the political parties, which is untrue, but proves that our coverage was balanced and unbiased.

Our second aim was to provide entertaining programmes on a daily basis.

We know that the range of programming was not always in line with what you, our viewers desire and demand, but within our own limitations we strived to give you what you deserve.

Thirdly, and most importantly, we wanted to provide a platform for all of you to interact with this station and with each other.

We believe that with our -Your Talk- programme, facebook, twitter, whats app and sms, we were able to achieve this.

Indeed we have been honoured by the response and support of people from every corner of our country.

In addition to the aims we have just mentioned, our overriding philosophy has been to work in partnership with you, our viewers, in an open and transparent fashion.

And this why we are here tonight.

1st TV launched on the promise of one month’s financial support.

We managed to extend that to two months. But as of now, we have to go off air while we raise more resources and source more programmes.

Therefore, 1st TV will temporarily suspend its current transmission at midnight this Saturday.

We know that many of you may feel let down by this but we can assure you that we will be back on air with a much more comprehensive programme schedule to suit your needs.

It is because of your support and your right to receive and impart information that we can be sure of returning.

We believe that this platform cannot only provide the programming that you deserve, but that it can do so in a commercially viable fashion.

Our pledge to you, is that when we return it will be on a permanent basis and it will be with improved entertainment programming, more soaps, movies and dramas as well improved education, information and news programmes.

1st TV has been run by five people from one studio who believe in your rights as citizens of the world and citizens of Zimbabwe.

As Zimbabweans, you deserve a television channel that is of an international standard and caters to all your needs.

That will be the 1st TV that we will bring back to you.

Until then, we would like to thank you for supporting us to ask you not to stop supporting us and to continue believing in the nation that we all deserve.

To all of you we say thank you. And we ask for your support and prayers as we move forward to bring you a better, stronger, permanent 1st TV.

Thank you - from all of us at 1stTV.

Your nation – your station

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