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Hate speech report for the month ending August 2013
The Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
September 16, 2013

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The report records inflammatory, intimidating, insulting and abusive language carried in both the local print and electronic media during the month of August 2013.

The country’s mainstream media, both print and electronic, were monitored. Fig 1 shows the surveyed media.

Fig.1 List of surveyed media

Media Frequency Status
ZTV (ZBC) Everyday State-run media
Sport FM Everyday State-run media
Star FM Everyday Privately owned
Zi FM Everyday Privately owned
Studio 7 Everyday Privately owned
SW Radio Africa (SWRA) Everyday Privately owned
The Herald Daily State run media
NewsDay Daily Privately owned
Daily News Daily Privately owned
Zimbabwe Independent Weekly Privately owned

Summary of Findings

  • This report is based on the analysis of insulting, abusive, inflammatory and intolerant language contained in the surveyed media, which were classified according to offenders; victims; and methods/categories of hate speech.
  • A total of 29 counts of such hate language were recorded, representing a 16% increase from last month’s 25 cases.
  • As in our previous three reports, The Herald recorded the most counts of hate speech and intolerant language. The paper published 19 (66%) such counts. Of the 19 counts,
  • 15 (79%) were committed by its columnists. Three (16%) appeared in news reports, while the remaining one appeared on its leader page.
  • NewsDay and the Daily News came a distant second with four incidents each, three of which were news reports of politicians making intolerant and inflammatory comments. Collectively, this represented 28% of the incidents. Notably, these two private dailies did not advocate hate speech through their own editorial columns or through editorial intrusions into news stories. They simply reported politicians committing the offence.
  • The national television station, ZTV, closely followed with three (10%) incidents. This represented a 57% decline from last month’s seven counts.
  • The Sunday Mail recorded two incidents, while the Zimbabwe Independent carried one.
  • Notably, Studio 7, SW Radio Africa, ZiFM Stereo, Star FM; Spot FM; The Standard and The Daily News On Sunday did not record any incidents of hate speech this month

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