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  • Statement on the harassment of journalists and media houses
    August 14, 2013

    MISA Zimbabwe strongly condemns the recent harassment of journalists and media houses as unwarranted obstruction of the media’s conduct of duty. The cases include the brief detention of SABC journalists for filming at the venue of the last MDC-T rally ahead of the July 31 polls; the unexplained raid of Community Radio Harare offices by members of the police and the ‘hunt’ for two foreign correspondents over a story they wrote on the alleged uranium deal between Zimbabwe and Iran.

    These incidents come a few days after the elections, whose outcome has raised doubts on whether the new government would fulfil its constitutional obligations among which is securing media freedom and access to information. It is therefore important that the authorities take firm and decisive action against such blatant violations of the new constitution for them to build public confidence and eliminate any misgivings on their democratic credentials.

    The protection of media freedom and citizens’ right to access information through a medium of their choice as well as other civil liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights will help Zimbabwe break with the tyrannical governance of the past and steer the country into a new democratic dispensation anchored on a culture of constitutionalism.

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