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  • Statement on the 2013 harmonized elections
    Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS)
    August 09, 2013

    The Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS) wishes to commend the people of Zimbabwe for conducting themselves in a peaceful manner during the just ended election period.

    ZACRAS believes that as debates are being held around the process and final; results of the elections, there are many Zimbabweans whose voices are suffocated somewhere in Gumbonzvandam Gundura, Dombodema, Dotito, Chirumanzi, Chiyadzwa to name a few. Whereas mainstream media outlets have tried to solicit for views and comments on the elections, we believe that this would have been more representative and holistic had there been community radios to enable communities to articulate these issues at a local level. Ordinary Zimbabweans have a stake to this topical issue of elections and if we really want to build a nation, their voices cannot be left out or ignored.

    ZACRAS therefore expresses disappointment once again on the continued lack of effective and reliable community based communication platforms where citizens, especially in marginalized communities, can access critical information, get informed, and participate in both local and national discourse. We believe that in democratic societies, it is important that citizens are allowed unfettered access to information and are able to express themselves freely without let or hindrance. The continued denial of this important inalienable right to free expression by deliberate frustration of community broadcasting is a serious violation of human and people’s rights.

    Any democratic dispensation must be underpinned by participation of all, of which community radio has a fundamental role to play in this regard.

    Visit the ZACRAS fact sheet

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