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  • Information Rights Violations report: April – July 2013
    The Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    August 05, 2013

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    This report was compiled by MMPZ and outlines developments that occurred between April 2013 and July 2013 that impinge or are likely to impinge on the public’s free expression rights, which include access to information. The report is based on violations reported in the media and other sources such as partner organisation MISA. A violation of freedom of information entails anything that unjustifiably stifles the public’s access to information by, for example, closing down channels for accessing such information, threats and harassment of media workers, or curtailing the public’s right to freedom of expression, assembly and association

    There have been several cases of harassment and intimidation against journalists and civic society activists in the execution of their duties despite the inclusive government’s pledge to promote freedom of expression. Eighteen counts of violations were recorded in the 4-month period between April and July 2013. This represents a 56% increase from the previous period’s eight incidents. These include police detentions and arrests (7); acts of intimidation and harassment mainly from political parties but including one incident involving United Family International Church (7); physical assaults by identified and unidentified persons/parties (3); and other acts meant to curtail free flow of information such as the banning of bulk text messaging by Potraz (one). These are listed as follows:

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