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    The Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    July 29, 2013

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    Reports conflict on final star rally turnout

    In these final hours of the 2013 election campaigns, Zanu-PF continued to receive intense publicity from the national public broadcaster, ZBC, and received coverage in all the private radio stations’ bulletins.

    But while ZTV, Spot FM, Star FM and ZiFM all reported on the “multitudes of supporters” who turned up at the National Sports Stadium in Harare for Zanu-PF’s final rally before Election Day, Studio 7 gave a completely different perspective.

    The station reported that attendance at the rally had one of the poorest turnouts of the entire Zanu-PF campaign and that police prevented thousands of people at the stadium from leaving until after the presidential party had departed.

    As has become the custom, ZTV and Spot FM dutifully interrupted its programming during the day to carry live coverage of the event, lasting three hours and 25 minutes, with Mugabe speaking for 10 minutes short of two hours of that time.

    ZTV led its main evening news bulletin with Mugabe’s comments at the stadium, accusing his political rival, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, of being “an irresponsible cry-baby” and warning him that he would be arrested if he attempted to unilaterally declare the results of Wednesday’s national elections.

    This was one of the seven stories ZTV carried in its news section featuring Zanu-PF’s campaign activities. But another one – of more than five minutes – popped up in the business section too, where Mugabe was reported telling his National Sports Stadium audience how indigenization would empower the people.

    Other stories included a variety of Zanu-PF officials and aspiring candidates being given time and sound-bites to accuse the MDC-T of poor service delivery, running corrupt councils, and for being a creation of the British.

    Zanu-PF’s aspiring parliamentary candidate for Chinhoyi, Phillip Chiyangwa, was also quoted ridiculing his constituency rival from the MDC-T, telling ZTV’s viewers in Shona that he was being “led by a fool”.

    Spot FM did not report the news on ZTV that the Zimbabwe Development Party’s presidential candidate, Kisinoti Mukwazhe, had announced his decision to withdraw from the presidential race, promising his party’s support for Zanu-PF.

    In other news, ZBC’s bulletins suffocated reports of the MDC-T’s Chibuku Stadium rally in Chitungwiza today. But Studio 7 and Star FM did not, although only Studio 7 quoted Tsvangirai describing Mugabe as “a puppet of the military” and reported him warning those who had abused the country’s resources, especially the diamond sector, that they would “face the full wrath of the law” if he wins Wednesday’s elections.

    Star FM selectively covered the Chibuku rally, reporting that Tsvangirai had accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of causing the arrest of its deputy national chairman, Morgan Komichi, and for allegedly coming up with new rules for the counting of ballots a few days before the harmonized elections.

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