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  • Daily Election Report – Issue 7
    The Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    July 21, 2013

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    The ‘balance’ so far…

    Since MMPZ started its daily reports on the media’s coverage of election issues on Monday, July 15, ZTV, the national public broadcaster’s flagship television station, has exposed the extent of its bias in favour of Zanu-PF, granting a total of more than 90 minutes in its main evening news bulletins in the week to favourable reports of the party’s activities, compared to little more than 10 minutes of mostly negative coverage for its main rival the MDC-T. The MDC-N and other smaller parties, such as ZAPU and the ZDP have received barely five minutes in coverage in the seven bulletins monitored.

    This is in addition to at least 24 hours of live coverage ZTV has given to Zanu-PF’s “star rallies” and its presidential candidate, Robert Mugabe, during the week, compared to absolutely no live coverage for any other political party.

    However, this is computed, this grossly biased coverage represents a clear violation of the Electoral (Amendment) Act’s regulations governing the media’s conduct during election periods, especially section 160J (a) which states that all political parties and candidates be “treated equitably” by the media “in regard to the extent, timing and prominence of the coverage accorded to them”.

    MMPZ calls upon the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, responsible for ensuring that the media adhere to these laws, to curb this unprofessional conduct from the public broadcaster.

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