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New community newspaper launches in Harare
Gerry Jackson, SW Radio
July 04, 2013

A new newspaper was launched in Harare on Thursday – Harare News.

It’s a free community newspaper that will publish a run of 10,000 copies once a month and will be available online on a daily basis and via Facebook. Their website says: “Our content is drawn from the city around us as we cover the places, people and events that are important to the citizens of Harare. We love our capital, and want to make it a better place to live, work and play.”

SW Radio Africa asked editor Sara Davies why this newspaper will be different from any of the others available, and she said: “There are many different communities living in Harare but ultimately everybody walks down the same street and has similar issue affecting them, so it’s just about creating awareness about what is happening around. Both my business partner and I have lived in other cities and we’ve really seen the power of community news. Even coming in as an outsider it puts you in touch with what’s going on in your environment, and no newspaper in Harare does that.”

By creating this sense of community it’s hoped that the paper will also galvanise people into taking action over common issues. Although the editors hope to focus on more positive stories, they’re not shying away from the issues, with this first edition looking at the dangers of overloading on commuter omnibuses and the water crisis that is affecting everyone. But even then they hope to offer solutions and courses of action.

They’re certainly covering a broad range of topics, with articles on lifestyle, schools, sport, the environment, business, shopping and restaurants and they very much want people to get involved with life in their city. They’re hoping that by creating online forums and feedback people will start taking more responsibility for the city that they live in and will feel that they can do something to make it an even better place to live.

So if you live in Harare, or online anywhere in the world, here’s your chance to get more involved and make a difference. Post comments online, think about courses of action, feel part of the community, think of solutions.

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