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  • Statement on the attack of BBC correspondent, Andrew Harding in Mbare today
    Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe
    March 17, 2013

    The Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) strongly condemns the unwarranted attack and harassment of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Africa correspondent, Andrew Harding, who was assaulted in Mbare in Harare this afternoon, while filming a group of MDC activists who were putting up posters calling on Zimbabweans to vote ‘Yes’ to the draft constitution.

    The MDC activists were also assaulted together with the BBC correspondent and his camera crew.

    The VMCZ believes that any persons or party or organisation obstructing the work of journalists at this crucial electoral period or any other time are undemocratically undermining the constitutionally enshrined right of the media to work freely in Zimbabwe and to receive and impart information without undue interference.

    On the eve of the referendum on the draft constitution the VMCZ appeals to society in general and to political parties, and their youths, to refrain from attacking media personnel who are merely undertaking their professional work. We further urge that members of the public allow journalists to do their job freely and without harassment or any forms of attack.

    Where members of the public have a complaint against a newspaper, radio or television station story, they are free to contact our Media Complaints Committee on the addresses listed.

    Visit the VMCZ fact sheet

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