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  • Daily Media Referendum Watch - Issue 04
    The Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    March 15, 2013

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    It’s all about the ‘Vote Yes’ campaign!

    THE national broadcaster, ZBC, continued to promote voices only campaigning for the adoption of the draft constitution in the referendum in all its five reports on whether Zimbabweans should ‘Vote Yes’ or ‘No’ in the referendum.

    ZBC (13/3, 8pm) reported senior party officials such as Patrick Chinamasa, Oppa Muchinguri, Dick Mafios, Angeline Masuku and Anastacia Ndlovu, urging ZANU PF supporters, and Zimbabweans in general, to support the draft. These officials were speaking at several rallies across the country.

    On one of the occasions, ZTV reported ZANU PF Women’s League deputy chairperson Muchinguri telling party supporters in Bindura: “Look Kenya is now celebrating, so let’s sort out our own situation. As ZANU-PF we worked with Kenyatta. Let’s go and shame the devil by voting ‘Yes’”.

    In another report, the same station reported Ndlovu urging Zimbabweans to ‘Vote Yes’ because the draft offers “free basic education to all” as alluded to in Sections 19. 2 (d), 27 (2) and 75. 1 (a).

    On the other hand, it was only the private radios that reported those opposed to the draft in their six reports. Half of these reports were on the dismissal by the Supreme Court of the NCA’s appeal seeking an extension of the referendum date by at least two months (ZiFM, Studio 7 & SW Radio Africa, 13/3).

    The remaining news items were on calls by some opposition parties, such as Mavambo and civic groups, such as the Zimbabwe Chapter of the International Socialist Organization for the public to reject the draft (Studio 7).

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