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Security guards living desperate lives
Robert Tapfumaneyi, Community Radio Harare (CORAH)

February 22, 2013

Some security guards in Harare have bemoaned the deterioration of their standard of living owing to poor salaries they are receiving despite the introduction of the multi-currency regime four years ago.

A number of security guards who talked to Talking Harare on Wednesday said their working conditions continue to deteriorate and yet they protect property worth millions of dollars.

They said most of them have become rare features at their homes as they go there once a week.

Takawira Munhono of Chitungwiza who works in Harare said, "After work in the morning I hang around town and try to look for piece jobs while waiting to resume duty at 6pm. If I fail to secure any part-time job, I seek refuge in Harare and Africa Unity Square gardens, the reason being that of not affording transport fare from Monday to Friday."

"We have gone to the extent of using our own money to buy things such as baton sticks and handcuffs which our companies are failing to provide," said Richard Kanembiri who guards Old Mutual premises in the CBD.

Motsi Mutasa said, "I take home $200 a month which is not enough to cater for my family needs."

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) representative, Japheth Moyo the security guard sector is disorganized.

"The security guard sector is very difficult to work with as anyone can just wake up one day and form his own company without proper employee structures, let alone workers' committees," Moyo said.

"Much needs to be done starting with the formation of the Security Guard Workers Union, so that they speak with one voice on issues that concern them."

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