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Update on police inquiries with Andrew Moyse, and the continued detention of MMPZ officers Fadzai December and Molly Chimhanda, and PIRF Gwanda Chairman Gilbert Mabusa
The Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
December 07, 2011

MMPZ Project Coordinator Andrew Moyse who was yesterday morning picked up for questioning by officers from Harare's Law and Order Section was, last evening, released by the police after they recorded a statement concerning the activities of MMPZ from him. The 127 DVDs seized by the police from MMPZ this morning in terms of a search warrant remain in their possession. Andrew was interviewed by the police from about 1130hrs to 1700hrs.

The statement they recorded from Andrew, referenced Gwanda CR 21/12/11 is clearly linked to the case in which MMPZ advocacy officers Fadzai December and Molly Chimhanda, and MMPZ's Public Information Rights Forum (PIRF) committee chairman for Gwanda Mr Gilbert Mabusa are being detained at Gwanda police station for allegedly contravening section 25(1)(b) of the Public Order and Security Act (POSA). This relates to "participating in a gathering without seeking authority from the regulating authority", and also for allegedly contravening section 37(1)(b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, for "participating in a gathering with intent to promote public violence, breaches of the peace or bigotry".

Whilst MMPZ is relieved that Andrew has been released without charge, it is nevertheless deeply concerned for Fadzai, Molly and Gilbert who remain in police custody. The fact that Andrew was released without charge clearly demonstrates the frivolous and vexatious nature of the allegations that have been leveled against Fadzai, Molly and Gilbert. MMPZ urges Gwanda police to release the trio forthwith or at least bring them before a court of law. MMPZ believes that its officers, who were at all relevant times acting within the course and scope of their employment, and Gilbert Mabusa, are not guilty of any offence.

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