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Press statement from Vox Media Productions
VOX Media Productions
November 28, 2011

VOX Media Productions (Private) Limited t/a VOP FM submitted an application for Free-to-Air National Commercial Broadcasting License on 30th June 2011 to the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). We were among 14 institutions that responded to the call for applications. We were, with three other applicants, shortlisted for a public hearing to present our application in detail and to respond to any further queries from Commissioners of BAZ and members of the public.

On the 24th November 2011 we were served with a response to our application from BAZ. In the response, Dr Tafataona Mahoso in his capacity as Chairperson of BAZ advised that our application was unsuccessful and that in particular "the other applicants performed better than you (VOP) on the following issues:

  • Signal coverage against the requirement for national coverage and the associated budget;
  • Ability to comply with technical standards;
  • Timeframe for the provision of complete transmission or complete transmission rollout;
  • Compliance with language conditions other than Shona and Ndebele and how the conditions will be met;
  • Compliance with conditions on music from Africa and how the conditions will be met;
  • Provision of emergence services;
  • Ability to comply with advertising restrictions on medicines;
  • Maintenance of records of matter broadcast; and
  • Provision of copies to the National Archives

In addition, the Authority noted that the persons that you (VOP) cited in the application as trustees to Voice of the People Communications Trust do not correspond with those in the trust deed submitted to the Authority."

VoxMedia Productions (Pvt) Ltd had, among other reasons, participated in this process in line with the Global Political Agreement (GPA) provisions which encourage foreign-based radio stations to apply and be considered for licences.

We are now presently taking counsel on our options.

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