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Call for applications for local radio station licenses
November 28, 2011

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) on 27 November 2011 called for applications for free to air local commercial radio broadcasting service licenses and content distribution broadcasting services in terms of Section
10 of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06].

"Free to air broadcasting service" means any broadcasting service transmitted otherwise than by means of an encoded signal.

"Local Commercial radio broadcasting service" means an audio-broadcasting service operated for profit or as part of a profit making enterprise and is provided in a particular area.

The two fall under the free- to -air local commercial radio broadcasting service licenses.

According to the advert placed in The Sunday Mail of November 27- December 3, 2011, the local free-to-air licenses will each be allocated to Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru, Masvingo, Chinhoyi, Bindura, Gwanda, Marondera, Lupane, Plumtree, Kariba, Victoria Falls and Beitbridge have all been allocated one license each.

The initial application fee for a "free- to- air local commercial" is US$2 500 and for a radio broadcasting service license the cost is US$7 500.

The basic license fee is US$50 000 plus 1% of annual gross turnover or deemed turnover. The Broadcasting Fund -0.5% of the audited gross annual turnover or deemed payable annually. The frequency fee is US$30 per frequency per month. The license is valid for 10 years.

Meanwhile, the "Content Distribution Service" applies to service provided by a content distributor comprising content aggregated within or outside Zimbabwe that is made available in Zimbabwe with or without payment of a subscription fee and the reception is through satellite transmission.

The Content Distribution Service application fee is US$2 500. The basic license fee is US$100 000 per annum plus 3% monthly subscription turnover or deemed turnover monthly. The Broadcasting Fund - 0.5% of the audited gross annual turnover or deemed payable annually. The license will be due for a period of 10years.

The deadline for submission of applications for both types of licenses is 31 January 2012.

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