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ICT Bill to be tabled before cabinet
October 07, 2011

Information and Communication Technology Minister, Nelson Chamisa on 6 October 2011, announced that the information Communications Technology Bill would soon be tabled before cabinet once certain concerns raised by other ministries had been addressed, reports The Herald of 7 October 2011.

Honourable Nelson Chamisa said this while giving oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media, Information and Communication Technology chaired by Honourable Seiso Moyo. Chamisa noted that some ministries raised concerns that the Bill empowered his ministry to encroach and usurp the powers of other ministries.

Nelson Chamisa also said that he was finalising consultations with other ministers so that the Bill could be taken to Cabinet before it is tabled in parliament. He further observed that the inclusive nature of the country's political terrain had brought an awkward situation which saw the country's ICT sector being administered by three ministries which threatened the convergence of ICT regulation.

He argued that this multiplicity of players within the ICT industry had caused problems in terms of coordination and policy implementation.

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