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15 aspiring radio broadcasters apply for license
July 05, 2011

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) on 30 June 2011 said that a total of 15 aspiring radio broadcasters submitted applications for the two advertised free to air national commercial radio licenses.

According to the State owned The Herald of 1 July 2011, the BAZ Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Obert Muganyura said that all 15 applicants met all the requirements as stated in the call made on 26 May 2011.

MISA-Zimbabwe has noted the requisite adverts by some prospective broadcasters in the national newspapers. These include Voxmedia Productions trading as Voice of People FM, Thonet Investments trading as Radio Africa, AB communications Pvt Ltd, Black Thing Communications and Seddon Investments.

In terms of Section 10 Subsection 3 of the Broadcasting Services Act, applicants are required to publish their applications in a national paper within 7 days of submitting their applications. The processing of applications by the BAZ is upon proof of production of the advert. Members of the public are also given a 14 day window period to comment about the applications to the authority and lodge any objections about an applicant.


The BAZ, which is the regulatory board for the broadcasting media established in terms of the Broadcasting Services Act of Zimbabwe, invited applications from prospective broadcasters for two 10 year licenses for free to air national commercial radio licenses on 26 May 2011, setting 30 June 2011 as the deadline.

Should the BAZ grant the license, it would be the end of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation's (ZBC) monopoly on radio broadcasting field. Currently ZBC runs four FM radio stations namely, Power FM, Spot FM, Radio Zimbabwe and National FM.

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