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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    August 02, 2007

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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition deplores the assault of Tsvangirai Mukwazhi at Macro Wholesalers by the Jocelyn Chivengwa, the wife of the Zimbabwe Defence forces (ZDF) Commander, Constantine Chiwenga on flimsy accusations that the journalist was working in cahoots with the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president Morgan Tsvangirai and the west to author a regime change agenda in the country.

    Mukwazhi's was assaulted while covering the tour by the MDC president who was assessing the impact of the state declared warfare on the business community, which started in July 2007. President Robert Mugabe stated the government's declaration of intent at hero's acre, which was picked up by the cabinet and turned into policy. The government went on to slash prices by 75% which became unviable for the business to cobntinue production at lose making margins. This led to the shortage of basic commodities in the retail and wholesale shops which the MDC leader was assessing.

    The MDC leaders also received a barrage of verbal insults. He was being accused of working with the west in crafting the hardships bedeviling the country. Chiwenga also accused Tsvangirai of creating the incumbent shortages which have engulfed the nation. She also threatened to beat up the opposition leader.

    Mkwazhi was slapped countless times by the marauding Mrs Chiwenga, threatening that she was going to invite trucks of soldiers to siege the building and unleash terror. In 2003, the militant Jocelyn run berserk in the high density suburb of Budiriro when she thumped Gugulethu Moyo and Philemon Bulawayo Legal advisor and photographer of the banned The Daily News respectively. She beat them up severely that they had to seek medical attention. "Your paper wants to encourage anarchy in this country," the ambitious Chiwenga shouted as she punched and slapped them.

    The Coalition calls upon the government to respect the rights of Journalists and the media whose duties include performing the fourth estate function in any given state. Moreso, Chiwenga's wings must be clipped and refrained from inflicting terror to civilians with impunity. Everyone must be equal under the law irrespective of their social, political and economic standing in the society.

    We therefore call upon the police to execute their professional duties and arrest Chiwenga on charges of public violence. The police have got a constitutional duty to protect civilians from law breakers like Jocelyn Chiwenga.

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