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CHITREST recommendations on Chitungwiza land scam
Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST)
November 25, 2013

a. Chitungwiza Municipality, superintending Zimbabwe’s 3rd largest urban population, needs a clear housing policy.

b. In response to the growing urban population, the government must allocate adequate land to local authorities for residential development purposes and urgently resolve the Nyatsime housing project.

c. The country’s electoral laws must be realigned so as to allow the deterrent punishment of politicians who use land and other freebies as instruments of vote-buying.

d. Residential stands must be sold as per the provisions of the housing policy on “first come, first serve” basis rather than giving unfair preference to those with fat pockets.

e. The city must ensure that there is an efficient drainage system in place so as to enable property development on wetlands.

f. Council must religiously follow the provisions of its 2012 adopted employment policy, so as to curb the recruitment of undeserving officials.

g. Chitungwiza residents are the bona-fide owners of the town; hence they should be represented in the Ministerial-appointed investigation team.

h. It is our sincere hope as ratepayers that the Matiza led team will bring Chitungwiza’s housing problems to finality this time than to continuously fleece scarce council resources through bringing different commissions to Chitungwiza.

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