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Ruwa council not responsible for demolition of residents' properties
Chairperson Ruwa Town Council
November 14, 2013

The Ruwa Town Council dissociates itself from the demolitions of the residents’ properties which took place in the town last week on the instructions of the government.

Contrary to the statements made in the State media, the MDC-led town council never issued a directive to demolish residents’ properties in Zimre Park, Runyararo and Damofalls suburbs. For the record, the directive was a ministerial directive which was issued on behalf of the local government minister, Ignatius Chombo by the district administrator for Ruwa and Epworth, Ms Mubaiwa and Erica Jones, the deputy permanent secretary in the ministry of local government.

The two government officials were running the duties of the town council when term of the last council came to an end in July and before the new council came into office and the directive was issued during this period. It is therefore fictional and scandalous for the State media to blame the newly elected council for the destruction of the residents’ properties which took place last week.

As the Ruwa Town Council, we condemn the unilateral destruction of properties, which is in total disagreement with the new Constitution and especially when the rainy season has just set in. However, despite these unfortunate events, the Ruwa Town Council would like to inform the residents that those who were unfortunately disadvantaged by the demolitions can approach the council in view of finding a common ground and way forward.

The town council understands the many hardships that the residents of Ruwa and other parts of the country are facing due to high levels of unemployment and will not be intolerant to the extent of destroying their properties.

The Ruwa Town Council operates under an open door policy and urges the residents; the business community, both formal and informal, to freely engage the council at any given time.

Councillor Phinieas Mushayavanhu
Chairperson Ruwa Town Council

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