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  • CHRA mourns Rebecca Mafukeni
    Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
    August 14, 2013

    CHRA has received with great shock the untimely death of Rebecca Mafukeni who died at Parirenyatwa Hospital after being in prison custody for more than two years now. Rebecca was initially incarcerated after the death of a police inspector in Glenview together with 28 other activists. We will miss Rebecca, who for the past years has been a participant in most of our programs especially clean-up campaigns in Warren Park and Kambuzuma.

    CHRA would like to condemn and blame the inhuman prison conditions with which Rebecca has been subjected to for the past two years. We would like to make it categorically clear to the state prosecutors who at some point argued in court that Rebecca was in no serious medical condition that would warrant her release to hospital, and that her denial of medication attention has immensely contributed to her death. Simultaneously we also acknowledge the callous treatment that she was subjected to at the hands of heartless prison officers who were reportedly refusing her access to treatment. We were concerned to hear that Rebecca had gone blind and that was the point she had to be transferred to hospital under police guard and expected to recover.

    As CHRA, we demand an immediate investigation into the cause of her death. As Zimbabweans, we value the gift of life as one irreplaceable gift that God has given us and for someone to deprive her that inalienable right is very much unacceptable hence we need to know what happened and all those responsible for her death should be brought to account.

    CHRA sends its deep condolences to the Mafukeni family and encourage them to take comfort in the fact that Rebecca effectively contributed to the fight for the protection of human rights and the broader democratisation of local governance in Zimbabwe will forever be remembered.

    Fare thee well Rebecca, God will fight for your honour…

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