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  • Statement on the death of a woman at a rally at Chibuku stadium
    Chitungwiza Progressive Residents Association
    July 17, 2013

    Chitungwiza progressive Residents Association learns with sadness the death of a person at Chibuku stadium during the rally which was addressed by the President of Zanu-PF and a presidential candidate in the forth coming July 31 harmonised election. We would want to convey our condolences to the family that have lost their loved one. Those who were hurt during the stampede we wish them a speedy recovery. Reports gathered by residents in attendance at the rally claim that at least four people died at the Zanu-PF rally that was held on Tuesday in Chitungwiza. 20 other people were also injured after a stampede broke out at President Robert Mugabe's star rally, whilst some are reported to have been electrocuted by a tower light. Some viewers said a durawall collapsed as some people were making their way into the stadium through undesignated entry points.

    A 52-year old woman was injured in a stampede as Zanu-PF supporters tried to force their way into the stadium for the president's rally. The woman was injured as people were being stopped to enter the stadium.

    As residents we are worried by the lack of prioritisation of repairs that needs to be undertaken at the stadium. People should enjoy their safety in public places. Water and sewer reticulation services continue to be a challenge in Chitungwiza as many suburbs are still experiencing perennial sewer pipe bursts while water cuts are almost on a daily basis. Chitungwiza municipality has failed to renovate dilapidated infrastructure that was installed during the Rhodesian era. Chitungwiza is yet to come up with a clear and acceptable plan that will guarantee residents their safety.

    Meanwhile those who organise rallies should ensure safety of the vulnerable persons including pregnant women and little children during these political rallies.

    Chitungwiza Progressive Residents Association remains resolute in advocating for a better service delivery.

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