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Service delivery update
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
June 26, 2013

Water and refuse collection services continue to be problematic in Harare as many high-density areas are still experiencing perennial dumpsites while water cuts are almost on a daily basis. The same applies for electricity supply with suburbs like Mabelreign and Waterfalls having gone for hours without supplies for the past week following continuous disconnections by ZESA. The table below gives a summary update of the service delivery situation in some areas during the past week.

Area Water Supply Electricity Sewer Bursts Refuse Collection Diarrheal Diseases
Mabvuku There is no water supply for the past 2 days. Load shedding is experienced on Mondays and Tuesdays for 4 hours. Raw sewer has been flowing into the New Stands area opposite Lafarge Cement but the COH has failed to fix the problem for the 4 years. Illegal dumpsites have cropped up at Kamunhu shopping centre due to the failure by COH to collect refuse for the past one month. No cases have been reported to CHRA so far.
Hatfield Erratic water supplies for the past two weeks. Electricity is available and load shedding is experienced for about 4 hours during the day. Nothing has been reported. Collection was done last week on Wednesday. No cases have been reported so far
(Short Stone)
No water for the past two days Inconsistent supply; there was load shedding on Wednesday last week for 5hours. Nothing has been reported Inconsistent collection; not collected for the past week. No cases have been reported to CHRA
Mbare Erratic water supply, water available from 10am to 4pm. There is a burst water pipe at Matererini flats and it has not been attended to since last week. Load shedding is experienced on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for about 5hours a day. Nothing has been reported. Refuse is collected once a week on Sunday, there are dumpsites which are developing behind block 4 and block 7 and they have not been collected for the past three month. Nothing has been reported yet to CHRA.
Dzivarasekwa Erratic water supply for the past week. Inconsistent supply, there is load shedding at peak hours from 5am to 10pm. Not yet reported to CHRA. Refuse is not collected consistently and there are dumpsites in ward 39 at Nhamburiko school. None
Mufakose No water for the past 7 days. Inconsistent supply. There is load shedding everyday at peak hours especially 5am to 10am. Nothing has been reported Refuse was not collected on Tuesday. No cases reported to CHRA.
Highfields There is much improvement of water supply for the past week, but there has been a perennial problem in the Paradise area ward 24 Load shedding at least 3hours every day. No sewer bursts have been reported. Inconsistent refuse collection. Dumpsites are developing in Mangwende street and the Paradise area. No cases reported yet.
Mabelreign (Meyrick Park) No water for the past 2 months Load shedding during the week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Fridays for about 5hours a day. None Collection is constant on stipulated days (Saturdays) Nothing has been reported.

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