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  • Chaos at mobile registration centres
    Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
    June 21, 2013

    Tafara 2 Community mobile voter registration Centre

    As late as 5 pm, with only 2 hours to close on its last day, Tafara 2 Community mobile voter registration centre was pregnant with more than 300 people who had been allocated numbers for queue as early as 7pm in the morning. With police failing to control the gusty crowd which seemed extremely annoyed by the impending fact that getting registered to vote was turning into yet another lost opportunity and those hoping to secure identification documents coming to terms with the reality of another wasted break, it seemed hard for one to locate the effectiveness of these decentralised centres. The elderly residents who were hoping to cross check their names or assist their minors in getting registration certificates, were seated in the dusty drains of Tafara, their hopes tied to the unconfirmed fact that an extension was imminent given the number of people who were outside the centre.

    C.J Hall, Highfields M.V.R.C

    In Highfields, our ward voter club, managed to observe registration at C.J Hall. At 2pm there were close to 200 people crowded outside waiting to register to vote. ZEC electoral educators were also seen outside talking to people in their respective queues. However, between 1 and 2 pm, there was a huge slow down which could have been perpetuated by staff lunch breaks. At 5 pm close to a hundred people waited outside in anticipation of being served as well.

    Overall findings as of the 20th of June:

    Registration Centre Number of People (Towards Close) Comments
    Kuwadzana 2 Primary 50+ Queuing system demarcated along service-need improved service time.

    There were no clear inscriptions from Kuwadzana 4 shopping centre directing people to the registration centre.

    Affidavits were available during observation periods.

    C.J Hall 100+ At C.J hall there was chaos when it came to organising people in queues due to the high turnout.

    There were no clear inscriptions from the major highway and Machipisa shopping centre directing people to the registration centre.

    Lunch breaks seemed to frustrate residents with some going back to their homes without registering

    There was a high turn-out of young people who wanted to register

    Aliens were being referred to K.G6 (Military Centre) to regularise their I.Ds.

    Tafara 2 Community Centre 300+ This area needs at least another 5 days in order for people to fully register (it closed yesterday).

    Queues were very slow.

    The card system showing numbers did nothing to control the crowd as people ended up forcing themselves inside the centre

    Ironically, the local residents, especially the elderly were contemplating coming back the following day not knowing that the centre would be closed that day.

    The team leader confirmed to the local CHRA voter club that they would close at 7pm regards less of people presence or not adding that “his staff needed to rest for the next deployment".

    Visit the CHRA fact sheet

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