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Residents cry foul due to poor C.O.H Health Services
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
May 30, 2013

People living with HIV and AIDS have raised an outcry at the inefficiency of the City of Harare health service institutions, which they say are putting their lives in jeopardy. These residents are disappointed by the continuing shortage of anti-retroviral and Cotrimoxazole drugs at both Wilkins and Beatrice Infectious diseases hospitals. A Highfield resident, Mr. Zangoloti, who spoke to CHRA, said that Highfield Council Clinic is facing the same problem. He said that the second line of ARVs has not been available at the clinic for the past four months. Consequently, HIV/AIDS patients have been referred to Wilkins Hospital where they are required to pay a medical fee of US$70 to get the drugs. Mr. Zangoloti pointed out that the US$70 cost is beyond the affordability of many patients; a situation that is worsening the conditions of many. This development has been a cause for concern to CHRA considering the prevalence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, not only in Harare but also in the whole country.

On another note, the CHRA Ward 43 Coordinator and Human Rights Defender, Mr. Douglas Muzanenhamo, dragged the State to Court seeking restitution for being denied access to ARVs and treatment while he was in prison after being arrested on allegations of trying to overthrow the Government using the “Egyptian Style” as he was caught watching a video clip on the Egyptian uprising against their former president Mubarak. The matter was referred to the Constitutional Court (which is yet to be established in compliance with the new Constitution).

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Network for People Living with HIV and AIDS in Highfield, in conjunction with the CHRA Highfield ward leaders, are planning a mass action targeting the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. The objective of the mass action is to demand for the adequate provision of ARVs and other drugs at all health institutions in Harare as residents have the right to health.

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