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  • CSOs host elections debate meeting
    Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA)
    May 13, 2013

    Five Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) based in Bulawayo, namely Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA), Bulawayo Agenda, the National Youth Development Trust (NYDT), Habakkuk Trust and the Women Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) last Saturday (11 May 2013) hosted an Elections Debate meeting featuring the major political parties in the country. Participating political parties included the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC-T, the Welshman Ncube led MDC, ZAPU, Mavambo/Kusile and ZANU PF. The debate meeting was meant to provide a platform for leaders of the political parties to debate critical issues and also provide a platform for them to discuss their policies with residents. More than 500 residents graced the meeting which was held at the Large City Hall.

    The debate meeting was divided into three segments – a women’s sessions featuring women’s league representatives from the political parties, a youth session featuring youth wing representatives from the parties and the main session featuring the spokespersons of the political parties. Critical issues discussed included the role of the youth and women in the country’s political processes and how best the two groups can be included, timing of elections, how ready the political parties are for elections and what they promise to deliver should they be elected into power. There were also plenary sessions where residents got the opportunity to scrutinize the political parties’ policies.

    The hosting of the debate meeting was premised on a belief by the five host organisations that there is need for increased interaction between citizens and political leaders in order to ensure accountability and transparency in the conduct of public officials. The rationale was also to increase debate on critical issues in order to promote understanding and tolerance among people with different political views. The five organisations will continue hosting similar meetings under the banner of the “Election Debate Series.” The meetings would essentially be aimed at ensuring that people vote from an informed position, promoting peace and harmony during the election period and promoting accountable governance.

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