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CHRA launches Intra-Political Party Dialogue series
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
April 23, 2013

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) has launched a series of inta-party dialogue series. This is a platform which converges all political parties in Zimbabwe for them to present their manifestos and what they ought to deliver in the post election era. The dialogue series will in turn inform the formation of a resident’s manifesto which will be officially submitted to political parties for their perusal ahead of the harmonised elections. Our manifesto shall sum up the ideal Zimbabwe we want and how things should be conducted coupled with our demands on some governance reforms.

The first meeting kicked off yesterday in Highfield and below is a brief update of the proceedings:

  • CHRA convened an inta-party dialogue meeting in Highfields with the guest of speakers drawn from various political parties. The presenters were giving their preferred strategic plans on what they are planning to do to improve service delivery in Harare which has become an eye sore. The representative from MDC-T was Honourable Hove, M.P for Highfield West who said their plan as a party is J.U.I.C.E, Rural Transformation Programs and Local Governance and Democracy.


The party promised quality jobs in 5 years with medical aid, sufficient salaries, protective clothing and food. And approximately one million jobs to be created.


The party promised raising the people’s standards of living through providing good shelter, efficient transport, closure of potholes and maintenance of roads and improved and affordable communication that is phones and internet.


The party is planning to reopen industries such as Pioneer, Swift and Uniliver for the benefit of the populace. There is need for external supporter in Zimbabwe for the industry to revitalize. The indigenization policy was said to be retrogressive and selective on investment since it is benefits only the minority.


The party is planning to provide capital for people who are willing to start their businesses.


He urged that the mining industry not to pollute the environment by dumping refuse everywhere .he promised that his party was going to introduce reliable and income generating waste management strategies.

Rural Transformation Programs

MDC-T made clarity on rural-settlement planning noting that construction has got to be done intendment with growth points and town centres. This is in line with the growing trend in town planning especially for third world countries.

Local Governance and Democracy

The party acknowledged one of the salient tenets of good local governance such as participation. This he promised would be the basis of project planning which will be hitched on effective participation of residents at each and every level of decision making.


The representative from Mavambo Mr Zimunya stated that the current system in governance is benefiting the leaders not the public. The government of national unity is not doing its part to improve the lives of the people instead the parties are working as if they are still in opposition. However Mr Zimunya said their party will improve the lives of people through building market stalls for the vendors, ensuring clean water supply to people, and improving access to education. Council properties should be used to improve service delivery not to benefit the council officials only .He also called on creating more employment opportunities and improve the system that awards tenders in council. He cited higher levels of corruption in council which he said was the source of inspiration in setting up systems which are corruption free.

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