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Residents' Voices - Issue 36
Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA)
November 12, 2010

No excuses from Home Affairs

Bulawayo residents learnt that the Ministry of Home Affairs stationed at Msitheli will not be able to produce national identity documents due to the mechanical breakdown of equipment and the shortage of stationery. Residents expressed the view that the responsible ministry has just found an excuse for the inefficiency and general poor service delivery that have become part and parcel of the department. Residents felt that this was ill-timed and inconsiderate in light of the fact that police zealously arrest residents for not possessing their IDs at all times. The documents that residents are seeking are potable and not ruined easily.

Residents adamant on Chombo

Despite attempts by the minister of Local Government to portray himself as a victim of the press, residents remain adamant that the Minister should be exposed to an independent audit by the parliamentary portfolio committee on Local Government and intense investigation by the police. Residents have dismissed his attempt to exonerate himself in the newspapers as a damp squib and an act of saving face. According to residents, if the minister is convinced that he is innocent, he should subject himself to a thorough scrutiny by institutions of transparency and accountability in the country.

Residents threaten to stop paying licences

Residents in Bulawayo have threatened not to pay licences for Zimbabwe Broadcasting Authority as it has also failed to justify payments of these licences through the provision of quality services. Despite these glaring failures, ZBC still charges residents exorbitant charges. An ordinary television licence for home televisions and radios is $50 and $20, respectively. Most residents in Bulawayo prefer to watch SABC which offers better and informative programmes. Residents in Bulawayo have also queried why Bulawayo still has one Television station when Harare has 2 stations.

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