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    Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
    July 21, 2010


    ZANU PF has gone desperate to the levels of busing party sympathizers to come and sail its party agenda through. This has been exposed during COPAC meetings that were convened in the CBD of Bindura. Most of the participants were offloaded by a green identified Nissan Van which was full of dust justifying the fact that it was coming from the rural areas. Most of the participants were seen holding mini-scripts, with some of the ZANU PF supporter's failing to decode the information written on the uniform piece of papers. Bindura Residents Association has it on good record that much of the issues that were articulated during the meetings simply reiterated the ZANU PF political agenda. Residents of Bindura also expressed their utter dismay on the frightening presence of those loyal to the securocrats, who are well known for their insatiable desire to fulfill ZANU PF violent objectives. A member of Bindura Residents Association, (name withheld) is alleged to have escaped abduction by a whisker after having made contributions that were considered to be anti- Zanu PF during a meeting in Bindura's CBD. Reports from those who attended the meeting indicate that the Residents' Association member was actually saved by SABC cameramen who converged on him and distracted the security agents who were looking for him. Residents have castigated the overwhelming presence of state security agents at outreach meetings saying it will be detrimental to the independence of the whole process.


    The issue of hired crowds has continued to dominate the scene in the Province of Mashonaland central. This province has been on the record of being a no go area to people driven processes because it has been deemed to be a ZANU PF dominated area with past elections having proven that. However, ZANU PF has thrived on violence and intimidation. The meeting that took place at Marimira Business centre was described as peaceful though concerns are still being raised on the issue of people reading photocopied pre-written scripts. Reports from Shamva have revealed that the residents are lobbying for the reduction of the Presidential term. A few numerically unamplified voices lobbied for the Kariba Draft but unfortunately failed to justify it meaningfully since they were not in tandem with its contents!

    Meanwhile other areas like Mutoko which have not had any meetings so far have been reported to be calm. Mutoko Residents Association has revealed that political parties are busy mobilizing their supporters to participate in the outreach meetings and no one has complained about the process.

    CHRA continues to reiterate the need for independence in the constitution making process. The Association is against the use of violence or issuing of threats, as residents need to fully exercise their freedom of expression during the outreach meetings. State security agents need to be sober enough to understand that this process must sail through with the Zimbabwean Citizens extending their views without fear or victimization. CHRA maintains its position in lobbying for the constitutionalisation and democratization of the Local Government framework in Zimbabwe.

    CHRA remains committed to advocating for good, transparent and accountable local governance as well as lobbying for quality and affordable municipal service delivery on a non-partisan basis.

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