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  • Residents express displeasure over closure of colleges
    Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA)
    July 16, 2010

    The decision by the government to close 106 colleges throughout the country has gone in bad taste with residents. The decision has been deplored especially in view of the fact that only 3 months is left before pupils write examinations in October. Residents indicated that the decision to close the institutions is an indication that there is no monitoring mechanism to safeguard pupils and parents against cheating college owners. By closing the colleges now, the government has created a problem for parents who still have to look for centres to write their examinations. Most parents resorted to taking their children to private colleges at realizing how government and council schools were performing poorly due to lack of adequate resources and well trained staff. Parents queried the timing and the immediate repercussions of the procedure taken by the ministry of education in shutting down the colleges.

    Residents unhappy with COPAC

    Residents in Bulawayo have condemned COPAC for failing to come up with a clear timetable in time for residents to adequately mobilise and prepare to contribute in the colossal process. COPAC suspended its activities in Bulawayo citing the world Cup as a counter attraction. Newspapers have been reporting that anytime from now, the teams might start working in Bulawayo. However residents are yet to get official communication from COPAC and have been left to guess on the dates and times of arrival of the teams.

    ....and blast ZESA officials for corruption

    Parents at Emabuthweni suburb in ward 13 have accused ZESA officials of corruption after indicating that some officials are demanding bribes from residents who are supposed to have their electricity cut as punishment for nonpayment of rates. Many residents indicated that they had been made to pay $5 each by a ZESA employee. The association has since taken up the issue with the police.

    School authorities contradict minister

    Despite calls and assurances by the Minister of Education that no pupils should be sent home for nonpayment of levies, some schools in Bulawayo are still chasing pupils away. Pupils from schools such as Nduba Primary School and Senzangakhona Primary School have been sent home. This is despite the announcement at a meeting at Large City Hall organised by the association. Advocacy and Information Department

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