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  • Residents hope for national re-construction as the inclusive government is put in place
    Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
    February 12, 2009

    The MDC formations and ZANU-PF have finally found common ground to implement the Global Political Pact and put in place Zimbabwe's inclusive Government. Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai and his two deputies, Professor Mutambara and Ms Khupe were sworn in yesterday (11 February 2009) and the swearing in of cabinet ministers and their deputies is on the cards. This transitional arrangement (all-inclusive government) is expected to give the Harare residents and the generality of Zimbabweans a chance to turn around their socio-economic and political fortunes and arrange for the holding of democratic elections under a new national constitution.

    Current Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe's social services provision and infrastructure maintenance have heavily collapsed, unemployment levels are currently pegged above 94%, HIV infected people are said to be 1, 3 million, school attendance rates are said to be below 20%, 70 000 people have been affected by the current cholera pandemic, 3400 of these constitute the reported deaths, millions go hungry, millions are 'refugees' in different countries around the world, thousands dead and some remain political violence victims. The Zimbabwean economy is laterally lifeless and the $ZW as worthless as any other piece of paper (the country now uses a multi-currency system). This is just an extract from a horde of the country's political and socio-economic crises. The centre just cannot hold in Zimbabwe, it is a state of emergency and sanity should prevail as a matter of urgency.

    The promises

    In his inauguration speech in Harare, the Honorable Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai presented his turnaround vision. He pledged his and the MDC's utmost commitment to rebuilding the economy. He promised the civil service remuneration 'in foreign currency by end of this month' (February), a move which will cushion them from the economic malaise and the devalued ZW$ which has completely eroded their incomes.

    The Prime minister emphasized the need for a pro-people and nationalistic rather than partisan transitional Government and the need for urgency and fair distribution of food aid. Mr. Tsvangirai called for revamping of the country's education sector, urging teachers to go to work 'on Monday.' He, however, acknowledged the difficulties which lie ahead and the need for unity of purpose for the realization of the transitional government's deliverables. On the other hand, President Mugabe, speaking at the private swearing-in ceremony held at the State House promised to shun intransigence and extend a 'hand of friendship, cooperation and solidarity' for the good of the country.

    Our hopes

    CHRA looks forward to tangible and quick attendance to the cholera pandemic, health delivery system, water and sewer management, infrastructural maintenance, electricity supply, environmental management, housing, unemployment, poverty, bread basket and other socio-economic and political crises bedeviling the city and the country as a whole. The Association will continue to advocate for effective, affordable, non-partisan, transparent and professional service delivery and upholding of democratic principles at local and central government levels.

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