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The Peoples' Court for Waterfalls and Highfield residents
Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)
Extracted from The Resident, CHRA's monthly e-newsletter
July 06, 2007

WATERFALLS and Highfield residents on 30 June 2007 had an opportunity to participate as witnesses in a play resembling the real court process when they hauled 'Minister Chombo and his surrogate Sekesai Makwavarara' to answer to charges of corruption, mismanagement of City affairs, contempt of court, embezzlement of public funds and the unlawful handover of water utilities and infrastructure to ZINWA.

Residents from Waterfalls accused Chombo and Makwavarara of negligence.

Grass is overgrown, there are no street lights, increasing the incidence of robberies at night and piles of garbage are everywhere.

Refuse heaps provides mosquitoes and rats a fertile breeding ground.

Highfield residents said they had no water supplies for four consecutive days forcing residents to bath in Mukuvisi River while others used the same water for domestic purposes. There is also massive deterioration in social services like use of public halls.

Both sets of witnesses castigated the State for launching Operation Murambatsvina, saying it destroyed their livelihoods. The impact of the evil exercise is still being felt.

The 'court ' ruled that the commission was illegal, a verdict that was also reached by High Court Judges Lawrence Kamocha, Rita Makarau, Moses Chinhengo, Charles Hungwe, Tendai Uchena and Supreme Court Judge Justice Wilson Sandura Kamocha.

The People's Court ordered the immediate holding of Council and Mayoral elections in Harare and the Commission should be dissolved today, the ZINWA takeover was unlawful and must be reversed because residents were not consulted.

The judge also declared illegal Operation Murambatsvina and ordered the residents to proceed to sue for compensation. Residents ululated and resolved to boycott payment of rates to the City of Harare until Mayoral and Council elections are held.

They also resolved to go and register as voters ahead of the crucial 2008 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections.

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